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  • chesterfield, (Wow! My home town of Chesterfield on a medieval map!)
  • Winchester, (Why does the Bishop of Winchester need a bed of state?)
  • Borthwick Institute, York, (sold by the Duke of Westminster at Sotheby's 11 July 1966. Description from the sale catalogue: "Langland (William) The Vision of Piers Plowman, Manuscript on vellum, 76 ll. plus two original blanks (with red ruling) at end, 40-42 lines to a page, written in a good vernacular book-hand, large initial I in red and blue at beginning of text, initials of each Passus in red or blue, Passus-headings in red (supplied only to fol. 29 verso, thereafter lines for headings left blank but with rubricator's guide in margins), line-endings in red and blue on first page, frequent divisional paragraph-marks and line-endings in red throughout, initial letter of each line throughout touched with red, original pin-holes intact in outer margins of most leaves, some natural holes in the vellum (avoided by the scribe), occasional stains throughout but GENERALLY IN FINE CONDITION WITH GOOD MARGINS, early 19th century binding of blue velvet with silver clasp and corner-pieces, embossed centre-ornament of the Grosvenor 'garb' on upper cover, red patterned silk linings folio (11 in. by 7 1/2 in.) [England, mid fifteenth century] *** The only recorded manuscript of 'Piers Plowman' still in private hands, and one of the few perfect manuscripts of the poem.")

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