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Searching is case-insensitive.

A search for two keywords, such as canterbury tales will be treated as canterbury OR tales.

You can search for an exact phrase using quote marks, such as "canterbury tales".

A search with the variant spellings box ticked will include alternative spellings, determined using the Middle English Dictionary and common character substitutions. For example, a search for though will include þough, thouȝ and þouȝ whilst a search for canterbury will include canterburye, caunterbury etc. You can then search for specific variants using the wordlists which appear on the left of the results.

Use the special character keyboard if you want to search for words which contain the characters thorn, yogh and eth.

Use the wildcard character * as a substitute for zero or more characters at the end of a word or in the middle of a word, such as queen*, qu*n and qu*n*

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