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wachet n. Also waget , vachet , vaget , (?error) watchet . AF /ONF (a) A shade of blue, light blue; also, cloth of that color; bleu ; (b) as surname. (c1390) Chaucer CT.Mil. Manly-Rickert A.3321 Yclad he was ful

your leve. (a) bothel , the blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus); inde , indigo (as a pigment); medle (medled, melde) , variegated blue cloth; turnesol , turnsole (as a blue-purple food coloring); water , a blue dye; wod del Inde ,

blod n.(2) ML blodius ?Blue color, ?blue cloth. (1397) Will York in Sur.Soc.4 218 Vestimentum paled de blod & albo. (1432) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 28 Unum lectum de blod.

draw bleu phr. Cp. MnE drab adj. Dull blue. (1376) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 240 [Cloths of] bryt bleu, draw bleu.

plake n. MDu. A piece of cloth. (1397) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 6.172 [A bed with a whole celure of blue] satyn [embroidered with] ragget staves [on a black] plake [of] velvet.

bloish adj. Cp. bleuish. Bluish, somewhat blue. ?c1450 Iff a man Stockh 10.90 315/322 Smale bloysh flouris owt of hym lawnchis.

misteche n. From tecche n. A bad habit. ?c1450 St.Cuth. Eg 3309 1226 For oure slepyng and mysteches, With goddis seruande we lete to wake.

pote n.(2) MDu. ?The paw of a fur-bearing animal. (1420) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 75 [One gown of] blue [colour furred with] potes [of] calabre, [2 s.].

salette n.(2) OF selete A throne. (1466) in Turner & P.Archit. 1.115 [On the 16th of July, A.D. 1444, Henry gave audience..seated on a very high chair of state, called a] salette [covered with tapestry of blue diaper].

walden-eied adj. As noun: ?a gray or blue color; ?a gray- or blue-eyed or perh. walleyed horse. (?1440) Palladius DukeH d.2 4.827 Colouris [of horses] now to knowe attendith ye The walnyed [ L gloss: glaucus] is good, also the

wont n. From wont , p.ppl. of wonen v.(1). A personal practice, habit. a1400 Cursor Got Theol 107 13693 Þiþer ȝode he ai vmstunt; þar to prai ofte was his wont.

haewen adj. OE Blue, purple. c1150(OE) Hrl.HApul. Hrl 6258B 79.22/1 Wið muðes sor, nim þa wyrt þa grecas bryttanica, & engle haewen hudela nemneð. c1150(OE) Hrl.HApul. Hrl 6258B 132.132/1 Heo [tiapis] hafað on uferwerde haewene blosme.

jacinctinish adj. From jacinctin(e adj. Of blue or purple color. (a1398) Trev. Barth. Add 27944 237b/a Among þese frutes þe olyue þe first is erþy sour and grene; the secounde is redissh oþer Iacinctinysch.

walden-eie n. From OE walden-ige blue- or gray-eyed, walleyed. A name for the hare. ?a1300 Names Hare Dgb 86 350/27 Þe frendlese, þe wodecat, Þe brodlokere, þe bromkat Þe waldeneie, þe sid-lokere.

bleuish adj. Bluish, somewhat blue. (a1398) Trev. Barth. Add 27944 284a/a Water is blewissh [L cerulei] of colour. (a1398) Trev. Barth. Add 27944 309b/b Þe colour is blu or blewisch [L blaueus vel violaceus].

Donet Bod 916 182/2,16 Vice and synne, which stondiþ aȝens vertu in pure contrariete..a disposicioun or habit mere contrarye to þe disposicioun or habit of vertu..suche moral vicis, being meere contrarye to moral vertues, mowe be knowe bi her owne

folewyng þe same loue or charite..mowe propirli y-nouȝ be callid charitatiue deedis for þat þei ben deedis of charite. c1475(c1445) Pecock Donet Bod 916 18/20 Dedis goyng bifore þe habit of charite..dedis going aftir þe habit of charite..ben charitative dedis.

custumance n. OF A habitual practice, a habit; of , by habit, habitually. (a1393) Gower CA Frf 3 5.1117 Pluto these othes overal Swor of his commun custummance. c1410 Chaucer CT.Mk. Hrl 7334 B.3701 The nero hadde eek a custumance

; cp. CF plonquie ppl. Of a blue color; esp. light or grayish blue; also, made of light blue or blue-gray wool; medle , cloth made of varying shades of blue-gray or light blue threads. (1351) Pat.R.Edw.III 129 Une espeie

miscustome n. From custume n. A sinful habit, harmful practice. (c1443) Pecock Rule Mrg M 519 344 Þouȝ bi glotonye or eny mysreule of dietyng..or bi eny long mys custome..þer falle superfluyte of matir into oure privey membris.

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