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Roger Horsley, Roger Bele and John Burnebuy, and order by mainprise of John Bronby serjeant at arms, William Overton of Yorkshire, Walter Halle esquire of Cornwall and John Howeden of Yorkshire to set free John Lorynge 'scryvener,' all at suit

22 June this year by John Wodecok citizen and mercer of London, John Michel serjeant at arms, Richard Cliderhowe esquire and John Elyngeham serjeant at arms for the prior of St. Bartholomew Smythfelde London and John Raukedyche canon his fellow,

and John Waltham at suit of John Wycher for trespass. Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 100 l ., made in chancery 1 March this year by Randolph Norlee, John Pyt, John Sertum and John Waldene for John

Richard Smyth, William Cook, John Cristemesse of Wortham, Simon Hare of Wortham, John Waryn of Fersfeld, John Sperhauk of Tybenham, Ralph Chaumpaigne of Brisyngham, John Huwet of Brisyngham, Stephen Cole of Wortham, John Baillif of Fersfeld, John de Elm and

, John le, Galeys , H., Galopin , Richard, Gant , Lambert de, Garchirche , Simoun de, Gardiner , John le, - Water le, Gate , John atte [CripI ] , - John atte [Dowg 26 ] , - John

Sowth , John, 63. Sparow , John, minor, 63; Roger, 64. Sparth , John, 20. Spede , John, 33; William, 34. Speght , William, 48. Speke , John, 3. Spens del , John, 29. Spenser , Sireda, 35; John. 65.

John, the younger, 59. Glover , John, 169. -, Richard, 127. -, Thomas, 169. Glympton , Oxon, 101. Glyn , John, 373. Gnoweshale , John, abbot of Buildwas, 168. Goce , John, 33. Godbyhere , John, 128. Goddes ,

Davy, John Methewold, Ralph Panton of Snetesham, John Herlewyn, Thomas Herlewyn, William Bryce, Agnes his daughter, John son of William Boketon, John vicar of Snetesham, Thomas Conteshale of Lenne, John Harneys, John Mau, John Colby, Roger vicar of Dockynge, John

Doyly, John Loveday of Mongewell of the county of Oxford, Nicholas atte Crouch, John de Budene and Roger Lovekyn in place of John Chance of the county of Oxford, John Clet and William Noion of Berks have mainperned for John

Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Stamp of London 'brewer,' John Brasier, John Baldewyne and John Greylande 'fysshmonger' of Middlesex, in favour of Thomas Wynkefelde at suit of John Gyffarde and Maud his wife. To the same.

Neudeg ate, Michael Hughet, Henry de Lecheforde, John de Burstowe, John atte Holilonde, John Chapman, John atte Croft. Dated Cherlewode, Tuesday before St. Gregory the Pope 36 Edward III. Memorandum of acknowledgment by John atte Beruwe in chancery at Westminster,

Richard and John Fylongley for John Braunston, by John Merston 'girdeler' and Matthew White 'barker,' both of Coventre, for John Meuley of Coventre 'wolleman,' by the said John Meuley and Matthew for John Merston, by John Meuley and John Merston

assigns. Witnesses: John Pette, John Page, John Petygo, Robert Lenche, Walter Stace, John Acton, John Seman. Dated Gravesende, 8 March 6 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 11 March. William Galoun the elder of Gravesende co. Kent to John Spreuer the

32 days. Suffolk. John Spencer and John Lancastre 12 l . 16 s . for 32 days. Essex. John Doreward and John Tyrell 11 l . 4 s . for 28 days. Hertfordshire. John Hotoft and John Leventhorp 11 l

to John Mere of London 'bruer.' Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 100 marks, made in chancery 2 November this year by Roger Davy, John Bray, John Eluendene and John Bretoun for John Borlee the elder, John Borlee

Edward III 1350 1350 Membrane 1 d . Enrolment of grant by John son of William de Lodelowe of Northampton to William de Dersham, John de Pulteneye and John de Tylteye of 20 marks yearly quit rent, to be received

he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to the said John,John and Robert. June 27. Westminster. William Coggeshale knight to John lord of Cobham and John Hille. Recognisance for 1,000 marks, to be levied etc. in Essex.

supersedeas , by mainprise of Thomas Swan clerk, John Parker, William Pasmer of Perndoun and John Cawe of Reyndoun of Essex, in favour of John Esgore of Great Perndoun at suit of John Northen' parson of Great Heney for debt.

Lisle, John Cole, Walter Toky and John Walton of Gloucestershire for John Giffarde, that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to John Geralde. Likewise of a like mainprise, mutatis mutandis , made by John Giffarde, John Cole,

John Norhampton deceased had. 1 By p.s. [2249. ] Membrane 18 d . John Goce citizen and 'sadeler' of London to William Caundysshe citizen and mercer, John Quintyn citizen and 'girdeler,' both of London, John Alkyn, William Lunsforde clerks,

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