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524 Vatican Regesta. Vol. DXXIV. 1 Secrete . 1 Paul II. On the back of the volume, which is bound in red, unlike the Registers of Pius II, which are bound in blue, is a modern black leather label, with:

two cods ( copule ) of 'satyn velvet' of 'cremese' brocaded with gold, seven cods of blue ( azure ) 'damaske,' four of blue 'satyn,' and five of white 'satyn,' all brocaded with gold, in a galley of Stephen Cuntarini,

K in blue and the L' in red, followed by the name of the month with the opening letter in blue and the rest of the name in red (except April, June, August and September, which are all blue, and

successors humbly and faithfully without murmur or unbefitting contradiction, so long as he shall remain in secular habit or until he take the habit of religion ( dum tamen in seculari abitu vel abitum religionis per Dei graciam assumpserit ).

is sending to them, to be admitted and veiled without delay, to remain for ever under the order and regular habit of that house, and to cause her to be professed in the same as speedily as possible. The like

coat ( tunica ) of bluet 8 furred, 8s; an old materaz , 16d; a coverlet with a tester of blue, 5s; a pair of sheets, 2s; a pair of old sheets, 6d; 2 tuaills 9 and 2 naperouns 10

b . Blue Book i., 444. Blue Book, Appendix xxxix. Journal 31, fo. 263. Blue Book i., 452. Blue Book i., 458. Blue Book i., 464. Blue Book i., 470. Blue Book i., 476. Blue Book i., 482. Blue Book

its collation belonging to the abbot of St. Albans from of old, and is now in possession, wearing the regular habit of St. Osyth ' s under an honest priestly dress of a dark colour 3 . The pope hereby

despising such their profession, and throwing away the religious garb, are wandering and running to and fro, arrayed in secular habit, in the city aforesaid; and that certain others, still wearing the [religious ] garb aforesaid, but deserting their due

( cacabum ) of metal. Also to Lecia his daughter one mantle ( capam ) of blue, j cloak of burnet, j supertunic of blue, furred. Also to William son of V. Sampsun j chest bound with iron. Also to

O.S.A., contained that on its becoming void the present pope ordered him to be received as a canon thereof, the habit to be given to him and his profession received, and thereupon provision of it to be made to him,

in the said house with the convent under the regular habit) to cause the said Felimy to be received as a brother in the said house and the regular habit to be given to him, and to receive his profession,

the choir 6 d. for 10 burdons 8 d. 3/4 oz. of silk 1 s. 0 d. 1 piece of blue buckram 7 s. 0 d. At Bristol, St. James's fair, 151/2 oz. of silk ruban 18 s. 11/2 d.

very elaborate workmanship; thus one is described as being enamelled black and blue, containing eleven pieces set with sixty-six pearls, having a tortis pendant set with a blue sapphire; another weighs 2 1/2 oz. "lacke penny waight," and contains twenty-three

and next heirs; and the said Isabel, being within age and in ward of the king, took upon her the habit of religion wherein she has made profession, as Margaret now abbess of the house of sisters Minoresses without Algate

Maurice Odahyll, a canon of Emly, desires to serve God with the convent of the said monastery under the regular habit. He, therefore, absolving the said Maurice, who is a priest, from any oath which he may have taken not

18s; one half-dozen silver spoons, 12s; 2 chaperouns 20 of scarlet, 8s; 2 of green cloth, 3s 4d; one of blue, 2s 6d; 2 of ray , 6s 8d; one pair of silk poynettez 21 , 3s; 2 pairs of

day; for the support of an almsman at Goldsmiths' Hall, to be called "Sir Martin Bowes's almsman," for whom a blue gown is to be provided every third year, according to the custom of the said company; for the distribution

dwelling in the realm who have cast off their habit and despised their obedience, or untruly claiming privilege and exemption are wandering in the habit of the order or in secular habit from town to town and country to country,

gave her, after the manner of that country, a certain habit and a ring, in token of perpetual chastity, and that for sometime she wore, as she still does, the habit which is wont to be given to windows and

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