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super Codice, ed. 1493. Initials alternately in red and green, blue being used for the few initials omitted by the original hand. There are two elaborate initials in red, blue and green, with foliage and zoomorphic ornament and a small

columns normally of 35 lines, for the last three gatherings normally of 41 lines; flourished initials, coloured in red and blue. Source Microfilm Collection British Literary Manuscripts from the British Library, London; Series III: Medieval Age: c.1150-1500 Reel# Gale Document

dissolue the hernia carnosa," inserted in the 16th cent. Vellum; ff. 125. end of xivth cent. Initials in red and blue; the Latin passages underlined in red. A few lines lost by the mitilation of f. 9, and few words

9¾ in. X 7 in. First half of the xv. cent. A few coarso illuminated initials, others in red and blue. See, sol. " in þo bely." Belonged (f. 44) to "honricns Savyll," probably ilenry Savilo of Banko (v. Bibloigraphical

36 to 42 lines to a page. Beginning of the xvth cent. Headings in red, and initials in red and blue; a few initials in gold with slight ornamentation. On the margins are the following names (? of former owners):—Charles

are: Vellum; ff. ii. + 213. Middle of the xv. cent. Eight illuminated initials cut out; others in red and blue. Owners' names occur as follows; "Liber magistri Roberti Elphisten" and "Liber ... pertinet Roberti Elphinstone rectoris de Kyncarin (?)"

ii.Vellum; ff. iv. + 89. 6 in. X 4¼ in. Middle of the xv. cent. Initials flourished in red and blue (one in gold). See. fol. "silf immediatli." Scribbled names (ff. 88, 88 b) of "Wyllam Barton" and "Paulus." A.

19-22 (usually 19) lines to a page. Gatherings of 8 leaves, with catchwords. Headings in red, initials in red and blue, the larger ones flourished. Marginal scribbles. 16th cent., on f. 2. Purchased with the help of contributions collected by

of xv. cent. On ff. 96 b, 226 is possibly a scribe's monogram I.S. Sec. fol. "sais Oculi." Initials in blue (thickly laid on) flourished in red. On f. 1 is a 16th cent. owner's name "Vincit Winge his Booke."

30, 31 b, 33 b, 61, 79. Two fine decorative initials, ff. 2 b, 7b; other initials in red and blue, flourished; the initial on f. 87 is black. On f. 2 b is the contemporary note in red "Liber

7¾ in. x 5½ in. Early xv, cent. Sec. fol. "Also I cri." Illuminated initials; others flourished in red and blue. The first owner's inscription is on f. 183, "Iste liber constat Johanni Norþewode monache. qui ipsum habuerit vel qui

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