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angels either side. Christ's halo in bright orange and blue. Angels with blue wings and rose collars. Bar-frame of miniature in rose with pairs of blue and rose single leaves and blue balls. Monks in white habits. Text: 'O veronicle

(Doyle, 1987, pp. 11-12). One-line coloured (normally blue or red) or gold initials, which normally have contrasted and alternating penwork. Quires 32-36, and 41 have one-line gold initials with brown penwork and blue or orange paraphs. Quires 44-47 have violet

1r-10v - blue initial W with red pen-line flourishing. Alternate red and blue paraphs. Artist 2: ff. 11r-56v - eight-line gold initial S boxed in rose ground with blue infill with white decoration. Three-line blue initials. Two-line blue (aqua) initials

Three-line blue initials with red penwork extending into border. Red and blue paraphs. Item 4: four/five-line initial A in blue as before. Red and blue paraphs. Two-line blue initials with red penwork. Item 5: fourteen-line initial I in blue with

begins with a blue initial with the remainder in red. Item 10.2: Four-line blue initial C surrounded by red penwork box around. Rubric in red. Some words underlined in red. Red paraphs. Blue paraphs. Red and blue line fillers. Not

with historiated initial D depicting the Virgin with child Christ. Virgin in blue with a red throne on a gold filigree ground. Bar-frame border with burgundy and blue vine and a gold bar. Interlace at the corner with a cluster

squiggles. Two-line blue initials with extending red penwork decorate the manuscript until f. 70v where there is also a change of ink but not a change of scribe. Later texts: eg. f. 71r three-line blue initial and blue paraphs, f.

infill of blue penwork. Along the top and left margins are two faint blue lines extending from the capital across the folio and flanked either side by red, and blue penwork motifs forming a two-sided border. A blue trefoil leaf

blue and red initial with red pen-work decoration around the letter giving rise to a full border in blue and red. Red and blue paraphs. Two-line blue initials with red penwork extensions. Text 2 - title in red. Two-line

appearance. Body height: 2mm. Latin quotations in red. Two-line blue initials with red penwork flourishing begin new paragraphs. F. 12v: five-line gold champ init ial A on a quartered rose and blue ground with white line decoration and sprays of

a border in red and blue. Four-line blue initials with red infill and red penwork flourishing into left margin form other divisions in the text. Further two-line blue initials with red penwork flourishing. Red and blue paraphs. Not medieval. Size:

Blue initials vary from three to eight lines. Catchwords with a blue paraph mark, one boxed in red. Running titles marked by a blue paraph. Rubrics and Latin quotations boxed in brown but ff. 58r-75v boxed in red, and

hand. First initial: four-line red Lombardic h with blue patterns, infill of self colour flowers with outlines in blue and boxed in red. Two-line Lombardic red capitals with blue decoration. Red and blue one-line Lombardic capitals. Catchwords in black scrolls

red preceded by blue paraph marks. Alternately blue on red and red on b lue. Recto folios - oxidised red paraphs suggesting the use of a different base. One-line blue initials with red penwork and red with blue before stanzas.

initial page - four-line initial E in blue and red with red penwork and a four-sided border made of red and blue decoration. Seven-line blue initials with red and blue penwork. Three-line blue initials with red penwork decoration. Four-line lombardic

s in initial position. Red rubrics underlining, paraphs. Alternate red and blue one-line blue initials for item 4.1. Two-line blue initials with red penwork flourishing into margins. Six-line blue initials with red penwork flourishing. As above. Foliated consecutively with Part

begins with a five-line capital B in red and blue with fine line penwork decorating the infill, red, and around the letter, red and violet. Red paraphs. Red underlining. Three-line blue initials with fine red penwork for divisions. Not medieval.

and blue background. No other decoration excep t for two-line Lombardic capitals in blue with red penwork decoration to indicate the beginning of each section. Initial letters of each line are tinted in yellow. Other Litterae Notabiliores written in blue

divisions: five-line blue initials with extended red penwork extending into the left margin e.g. ff. 21v; 52v, Dutschke (1989, p. 158) refers to these as 'parted red and blue initials with void leaf infilling and flourished extensions'; two/three-line blue initials

rise to a three-sided bar-frame border. At the top a cluster of rose and blue leaves gives way to a straight spray constructed of a blue vine terminating in a rose leaf. The vine is decorated with a white central

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