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stonne whiche the Arabiens done Elixar calle. (a1393) Gower CA Frf 3 4.2577 This Ston..makth multiplicacioun Of gold..and of his habit He doth the werk to be parfit Of thilke Elixer which men calle Alconomie. a1425 Medulla Stnh A.1.10 23b/b

tyme acostomyd to his kynde. Of persons: ben , (a) be accustomed or used (to sth.); (b) be in the habit (of doing); -- with inf. phrase. (1422) Proc.Privy C. 3.18 Yf hit be suche matere þat þe King hath

duc wold hold hym trewth. ?a1425(c1380) Chaucer Bo. Benson-Robinson 5.m.3.52 Who so that sekith sothnesse, he nis in neyther nother habit, for he not nat al, ne he ne hath nat al foryeten. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 352 Neythyr [Win:

LGW Prol.(1) Benson-Robinson 283 Behynde this god of Love, upon the grene, I saugh comyng of ladyes nyntene, In real habit. a1500(c1477) Norton OAlch. Add 10302 1541 Phisicians in vrynes haue colours nynteen Bitwene white & blak. c1275(?a1200) Lay. Brut

second son bastard had none Issue. ?a1425(a1415) Wycl.Lantern Hrl 2324 93/13 Þus crien mounkis & oþir bastard religioun þat sellen..her habit & her suffragijs. (a) Of animals: mixed, cross-bred; (b) braunch , a wild shoot or sucker; also fig. ;

[worth 3 s.]. (a1382) WBible(1) Bod 959 Gen.38.14 Thamar..þe cloþez of wydowhede don down, toke to a roket & þe habit chaungid. (a1382) WBible(1) Bod 959 Is.3.23 In þat dai, þe lord shal don awei þe ournement of shon &

unknown. (a) A custom, habit; also, condition, state; (b) bi , by heart; according to form; expertly; ?also, in due order, with ceremony [quot.: Gawain ]; (c) a proverb, saying; -- ?error for riot(e n.4 . c1350(a1333) Shoreham Poems Add

double samyt..And euery clothe þat men list to seke..was in þis cite. a1425(c1385) Chaucer TC Benson-Robinson 1.109 This lady..In widewes habit large of samyt broun, On knees she fil biforn Ector adown. a1425(?a1400) RRose Htrn 409 836 In samet, with

is borne now in Israel that schalle destroy suche ydoles and similachres. c1475(?c1400) Wycl.Apol. Dub 245 89 Wil þu hast habit and schauin croun, and oþer signis wiþ out vertu and lif of spirit, and wiþ out þe dede, þu

(a1393) Gower CA Frf 3 7.4881 Arrons..pourtreieth hir ymage..hou hir yelwe her was tresced. (c1395) Chaucer CT.WB. Manly-Rickert D.344 In habit maad with chastitee and shame Ye wommen shal apparaille yow..And nat in tressed heer and gay perree. a1425(?a1400) RRose

. From wacchen v. (a) The act or habit of refraining from sleep, staying up all night; also, the act or practice of passing the night in dissolute behavior, engaging in late-night revels; (b) a religious vigil; the keeping of

(a) Act of embracing, an embrace; also, the practice or habit of embracing; (c) as euphemism: sexual intercourse; (c) fig. a spiritual embrace; (d) clasping of hands; (e) enclosing, enclosure. a1333 Gloss.Bibbesw. Add 46919 618 Braceroles: cluppinges [vr. halsynges]. a1375

the yere and the houre of the day y-custumet or vset. (a) Of persons: ben , to be in the habit (of doing sth.), inveterate (in sth.); accustomed (to) or familiar (with sth.); experienced (in sth.); (b) of a practice:

consisting of enamel and glass. (1449) Will Brugco in Nichols Illust. 133 A gret croun..garnished with stones clepyd dublets, redde, blue, grene, and yellowe. c1475(a1449) Lydg. Horns LdMisc 683 13 Doublettys of glas yeve a gret evydence, That Thyng counterfeet

also, set with gems; (c) her. paly. (1388) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 5.9 [In the hall there are a dossal] paled [red and blue, a] banquer, [and 6] quisshyns [of the same set]. (1395) EEWills 5/5 I deuyse to Iohane my doughter..a bed

to ma, And made þe lady in to ga In graye and in grene. (1445) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 80 [One blue gown trimmed with] rede grey. (1446) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 88 [One crimson-coloured woman's gown furred with] grey. c1450(?a1422) Lydg.

(a) The color purple in one of its hues, esp. crimson or the color of venous blood; bleu , iris blue; rede , purplish red, crimson [some quots. here may belong under 1. ]; (b) her. the heraldic tincture purple,

or the Romans; (c) tonge, tonge (speche) , the Roman language, i.e., Latin; word , Latin word; (d) vitriol , blue vitriol, copper sulphate; (e) cokkel , ?a kind of cockle (Agrostemma gigatho or Lolium temulentum); (f) as noun: the

Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 4.324 [A piece of] tartryn, [green]. (1378) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 4.15 [A coverlet with a celure joined in one piece of blue] tartaryn [worth 53 s. 4 d.]. (1407-8) in Rec.B.Nottingham 2 50 Pro dimidia virga de viridi tarteren, xviij d.

yelwenesse n. Also youlounesse , ȝelehunes , ȝelh(e)unesse . From yelwe adj. (a) The state or condition or being yellow in color, yellowness; also, an example or instance of yellowness; colour of ; (b) the state or condition of

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