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her kinsman, Agnes Bigges, and Robert Morley divers household goods, comprising a chest, a spruce desked cofer , gown of blue colour lynyd with blak bokeram , a ship chest, and a pilowe of downe a yard long. To John

steeple (with its weight "by estimation"), a chalice (either silver gilt or parcell-gilt), a pall for the corpse (either of blue silk or black velvet or yellow velvet with a black cross), a few linen table cloths,(varying from to 3

of the church, under penalty of privation. He refused, and the dean warned him not to use any further the habit of an altarist within the church.- fo. 13. 1487, July 29.-Thomas Gilbert, decretorum doctor , admitted a canon of

can be taken to this modest way of encouraging social intercourse in the parish, though there may be to the habit of charging drinks on special occasions, a few instances of which are found in the churchwardens' accounts. As in

celure of blue carde; one covering of Flanders tapisser-work (of Flemmish tapisser-work) with dogs called 'talbots' interwoven; 2 benches/bench-covers and 12 cushions of the same work; 3 curtains and celure of blue carde; one covering; one tester of blue wor

said Alexander (who alleges that John Couk 3 , priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews, has, without assuming any habit wont to be worn by the said brethren, and without making the regular profession wont to be made by

to receive William, and cause him to be received, as a canon of the said monastery, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession, and thereafter, if he find him fit, to make provision to him of the said

however, the abbot refused to receive him, and made him put off his habit. The abbot is now ordered to receive him, and let him keep his habit. [ Opp. ed. Migne , ii. 1103. ] 1207. 4 Kal. Mar.

ridels, three copes, one chasuble, two tunicles, three albs, two stoles, three fanons, three amices of cloth of gold of blue 'attaby,' one front, one counterfront, two ridels, one cushion ( pulvinar ), one lectern cloth, one corporas with chasuble,

sometime called the White Hart in the parishes of St. Mary Colechurch and St. Mildred Walbrook, also known as the Blue Bell and the White Griffin, formerly occupied by Sir Henry Lindley, kt., and his wife Jeronimy, and now by

and his rayed tunic. To William Hunte two quarters of the same and a cloak of bluet 8 ( de Blue to ). To John Cook, William Claydon, and others he also leaves divers measures of the same barley. To

Berkyng and Johanna atte Penne similar goods, comprising a good gown well furred with putes , 16 a materas of blue, a mantle of a colour called "violette" with fur of Gris and hood of the same suit. Her ring

of red material worked with unicorns, another coverlit and tester of green and grey, and three pieces of tapestry of blue worked with grey treyfoylis , 1 two silver cups with two saucers 2 to match, two masers , neither

debts whatsoever within the realm and elsewhere; and he has put them in possession by delivery of one piece of blue 'bokeram.' Dated 1 February 17 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 22 February. John Burmaun of Hertfordshire to John Michell

merchant, for 334 pieces of kerchiefs of 'Wermoise' each piece containing four plights ( foill '), 4 pieces of camaca 'blue' containing 24 ells, and 500 ells of canvas, price 100 l ., by mainprise of John Donet of London

foreign parts before Michaelmas next one bed and one tapet of red 'worstede' broidered, one bed of 'worstede' black and blue with curtains, one piece of cloth of 'sangwyn,' two dozen caps, two simple worn vestments of silk for one

porringer. lotorium . Or semicircular handle. A cloth made of mixed materials. Or crossbow. Omitted in the MS. patella . Blue cloth. A fur made from the skin of the hind, or female deer. In Normandy: now famous for its

ells of scarlet for �4; 6 ells of brown russet for 36s; 16� ells of blue cloth for �4 10s 9d; and 4 ells of blue cloth for 16s. Damages are claimed at �20. Pleading: JL says that he does

go to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City for the same purpose. Bequests also of a vestment of blue silk, namely, a chasuble with white amice, stole, phanon , girdle, together with two frontals, two curtains, two towels,

hood; to John Bedeford his best gown furred with martilet and hood; to John Mount his green gown parted with blue rayed cloth, and he wills that the fur with which it is lined be sold, and another fur of

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