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hit semede..Brochede hem with a pak-neelde and pletede hem togedere. c1450 Med.Bk.(1) Med-L 136 296/965 Camamyll..wormod..brome..brochid in the bagge. (a1483) Wardrobe Acc.Edw.IV in Draper's D. 32 Blue clothe of silver broched uppon satyn ground..clothe of golde broched uppon satyn ground.

. OE wann , won . (a) Of color: grayish, leaden; also, dark, black and blue (as a bruise); also, whitish gray; as noun : a whitish gray color [2nd quot., 3rd occurrence]; (b) lusterless, lacking brilliance, dim; (c) without

opposed to the clergy, nonclerical, lay; clothes (clething, clothing, habit, wede) , layman's garb, secular clothing; man (woman) , a layman (laywoman); ben in clothing , to be a layman; leven habit , enter a religious order. (1340) Ayenb. Arun

was firste a monke..But they denyed hym..for he was an apostota. ?1536(1402) Jack Upland Gough 192/43 If ye leve your habit a quarter of a yere, ye shuld be holden apostatas. One who violates a code of ethics or morals;

deformen v.(1) Also defourmen , diffo(u)rmen , disfo(u)rmen . L deformare & OF de(s)former . (a) To disfugure (sb.), distort (the face, bodily members), deform, make ugly; mar or disfigure (a city, region); deformed , misshapen, disfigured, distorted, ugly;

dronkennesse . OE druncen(n)es . (a) The state of being drunk, intoxication; (b) the habit or vice of indulging in heavy drinking. ?c1200 Orm. Jun 1 166 Ne shall he drinnkenn naenne drinnch Þatt drunnkennesse follȝheþþ. a1300 Owl & N.

founde wel gode haunt: Maulardes, hayroun, and cormeraunt. c1450 Terms Assoc.(2) Cmb Ll.1.18 232 A haunte off plouerz. (a) The habit or practice of doing something; habitual use, practice of an art or craft; haven of , to be practiced

, var. of singuler(e adj. (a) Uniqueness of behavior; deviation from customary practice; (b) an act or a habit departing from customary practice; a unique or an unusual achievement. c1425 Mirror LM&W Hrl 45 106/4 Surquidrie or ouertrowyng..haþ sixe branches..singulerte,

customable lawes. Of agents or their actions: (a) habitual, inveterate; persistent, usual; (b) to (sth.), accustomed to (sth.), in the habit of (doing sth.). a1400(c1303) Mannyng HS Hrl 1701 3541 No custummable bakbytyng God forȝeueþ, ne no lesyng. a1425(c1395) WBible(2)

conversioun n. L & OF (a) Conversion to a religious belief, esp. to Christianity; (b) conversion (of a heretic or sinner) to the true faith, or to virtuous or holy living. a1400 Cursor Frf 14 p.1116 Þe Conuersioun of

how ye vnderstande thilke text]. (a) A religious order; cristes , the Christian fellowship; taken the habit of , to receive a canon's habit; (b) a group of associates; (c) a calling, profession. (c1395) Chaucer CT.Sum. Manly-Rickert D.1925 `Blessed be

heuen-riche. (a) A holy place or thing; godes , the temple in Jerusalem; (b) religious rites; rites of Venus; (c) habit of , religious garb; ?also, canonical rule; (d) pious work; (e) thin (youre) , your holiness; -- term of

Kinge of Armes, Norrey, Kinge of Armes, [etc.]. ?The material of which the badge of the Garter is made, i.e. blue velvet. (1401) in Lofvenberg Contrib.Lex. 37 [Another long gown of] Gartiers. (1416) in Lofvenberg Contrib.Lex. 37 [A gown of]

[a] tester [with half a] selour. (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.79 [2] matraces [and 2] canevaces. (1412) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.233 [A] materas [of blue] bokeram stuffed [with] coton..[18] materas [sold at divers times]. (1421) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.353 [A] materas lyned [with green] tarteryn. (?c1422)

menuver, with trompes slyves. (1445) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 81 [One gown of] murrey in greyne, [half trimmed with] lag' menyvere..[one blue gown half trimmed with old] large meniver. (1463-4) RParl. 5.505a Barons of the v Portes and their wyfes may

Will York in Sur.Soc.4 144 Ego Petrus..Taillour..omnes pelicios meos de otter. (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.67 [Walter Lange has a gown coloured blue and furred with] oter. (1418) EEWills 37/2 A furre of beuer and oter medled. (a1451) Doc. in Sur.Soc.45 98

of OF eschielles; (d) a pain, stitch. (1408) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.217 [The said John..stole and carried away 10 yards of blue cloth..on Ralph's] rackes. a1425(a1349) Rolle MPass.(2) Upps C.494 50/24 Þi bodi is streyned as a perchemyn skynne vpon a

cumly knottis & with koyntis & knopis of perle. (1455) in Rymer's Foedera (1709-10) 11.369 A Mantel..Laced with Lace of Blue Silk, with Knopps and Tassells. (1463) Will Bury in Camd.49 35 To my lady Walgrave..a litil peyre of bedys

verdegrece n. Also verdegres(e , verdegrez , verdegrice , verdegris , verdigres(e , verdigrez , verdigris , vertegrece , vertegres(e , vertegresse , vertegrez , vertigrece , vertdegrece & verdgres , vertgrece , vertgres(e , vertgrez , vertgreas ,

distinguished by color; red brente, rubified , etc., ferrous oxide; romain, grene , green vitriol, the sulfate of iron; ?also, blue vitriol, the sulfate of copper; yelwe , ?the sulfate of zinc. (c1395) Chaucer CT.CY. Manly-Rickert G.808 Ther is also

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