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John, and cause him to be blessed by any catholic bishop. After he has been appointed, he shall wear the habit worn in the said monastery and conform to its regular institutes. He is hereby dispensed, notwithstanding his illegitimacy as

friar, etc., but requires him, as soon as he gets peaceable possession of the rule and administration, to wear the habit which is worn in the monastery, and to conform to its regular institutes. Solicite considerationis . P . and-

authority of the ordinary under pain of excommunication and deprivation, has not worn, and still does not wear, the clerical habit and tonsure and, being under such sentence of excommunication, and openly proclaimed as such, has caused mass to be

said monastery, and to receive his profession, and moreover to collate and assign to him, after he has assumed the habit and made his profession, the priorship itself, conventual, elective and with cure, value not exceeding 100 marks sterling. He

the monastery of St. Columba, Iona ( Insule de Hy ), O.S.B., in the same diocese, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession. Cupientibus vitam . ( P . and P . de Godis . ( P .

monastery of St. Mary, Kilbeggan ( de Flumine Dei ), in the diocese of Meath -who before he assumed the habit of his order received papal dispensation as the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman to be

by the death of Dermit Odubthaid. Macaedagan is hereby dispensed on account of his illegitimacy. He is to wear the habit worn in the priory. Religionis zelus , vite etc . Id. Oct. Pisa. (f. 54 d .) To Richard,

of wedlock-to enter a nun ' s monastery of the Cistercian or Benedictine order, willing to receive her, take the habit and make her profession, have voice in chapter, and hold any offices, etc. and dignities, even that of abbess.

Ferdinand I, King of Naples, succeeded to the stall of Sir John Fastolf as a Knight of the Garter. The habit of the Garter was sent to him by Berthelot de Ryvers on the 16th July, 1463, though he was

made in the said document) to be written in the Castilian tongue, and on paper, as is the custom and habit here. Therefore, the document which we have sent is amply sufficient. Queen of Naples. As to the affair of

his order Beringer Saverteis, who has long and faithfully served the king and who desires to serve God under the habit of that order. By K. Membrane 3 d . Nov. 2. Westminster. To pope Cl[ement ] . Letter desiring

be delivered to the constable of the Tower, as the king understands that divers Templars are wandering about in secular habit, committing apostasy. [ Foedera . ] The like to other sheriffs, to send them to London, Lincoln, and York.

put off the said habit and returned to the world, and ministered in the said orders; and that subsequently, desirous of being ordained priest, and unable to do so on account of having put off his habit, he (after having

S. 1651-2, M. 1658-9 vice Barker Knighted (by the Protector) October 22, 1658; M.P. London 1658; Commissioner Customs 1659; Colonel Blue Regiment 1658-9; Vice-President Honourable Artill ery Company 1658-60; Master Clothworkers 1652. Died (buried March 16) 1690. 1651, Sept. 16

Ireland. Augustinian habit , 38, 77, 81, 109, 129, 132, 145, 173, 290, 607, 625, 626, 641, 716, 746. -, to be worn by Friar Preacher upon becoming prior of an Augustinian house, 288. - See also Religious habit. Augustinian

with roses for a present to the pope, a great curtain of serge of the same colour, two bankers of blue tapestry work, five pairs of linen sheets and two blankets for a bed, bed curtains of bluet containing six

petition of William Staundon of London, to receive of him the true price for twelve dozen of rayed cloth of blue ground ( bleuchamp ) and two dozen of rayed cloth of murrey ground ( murrechamp ) which are in

without payment of custom or subsidy to deliver to John duke of Bedforde a small fardel with a piece of blue damask with gold, three pieces and a quarter of silk cloth, and a pattern of tissues of gold containing

realm, and all debts to him due, and he has put them in possession by delivery of one gown of blue 'melle' with fur of 'otres,' price or value 13 s . 4 d . Dated London, 9 December 25

of scarlet, one pair of table knives, one piece of white 'worstede,' two pieces of black 'worstede,' one piece of blue 'worstede,' one piece of linen cloth, one piece of woollen cloth of the make of Essex, four dozen of

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