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to hire corone red, parde, In stede of rubies, set among the white. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 6.47 Hir habit was of manyfold colours..A pretens red, dreed meynt with hardynesse. (1449) Metham AC Gar 141 1344-5 Sum bestys..more wod

with on, in ; of the sea: ?encroach upon (land); (b) to enter (into a state, etc.); get (into a habit), fall (ill); -- with in, on ; (c) to become (sth.). a1225(OE) Vsp.A.Hom.Init.Creat. Vsp A.22 221 Se almihti sceappende

herde the Synful stevene. a1450 Yk.Pl. Add 35290 389/292 In helle..synffull care schall euere encrees. (a) Of an act, a habit, period of time, etc.: characterized by immorality; wicked, heinous; also, evil, diabolic [quot.: a1325(c1250]; also in proverb [quot.: c1395];

a person; also, an error, a mistake; also, faultiness; (b) a flaw in someone's personality or manner; also, an unattractive habit or practice; a social lapse [quot. a1475]; also, insufficiency of nobility, courtesy, etc.; (c) a moral or spiritual flaw

white colour is y-gendred of ayre in þe whiche is som watry moisture. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 6.45 Hir habit was of manyfold colours Hir gold allaied like sonne in wattri shours Meynt with liht greene. a1500(1439) Lydg. Sts.AA

same manner of dress; (b) usu. coll. or pl. clothing indicative of a particular affiliation, status, or sex; a religious habit, religious garb; mannes (palmeres, pilgrimes , etc.) ; religious , the garb of a religious; widwe wede(s , widow's

in villainy, or a rogue [cp. phrase: hard nol , s.v. nol n. 2 .(d)]; (b) of an action, a habit, thought, etc.: prompted by an evil impulse; sinful; also, malign; also, unethical [quot. c1400]; (c) tending to spread malice;

þe inwardly kepyng of hym self, and schapith hym with oute-forth, only a forme and a liknes of holinesse in habit, in speche, and in bodily werkes. (a) With ref. to an object, a scroll, etc. perceived as consisting of

1501 Firme birðe was wurði wune, Ðe fader dede ðe firme sune. (a) A personal custom or practice; also, a habit; (b) a habitual recourse, a resort; (c) conduct, manner of living; also, an occupation; also, an act; (d) a

officer; (c) the garb of a monastic order; the maketh not the monek , it takes more than the monastic habit to make a monk; (d) priestly vestments; (e) the garb of a jester. (1418) Grocer Lond. in Bk.Lond.E. 195/23,26

As longeth for a lordis pere. -?-(1407) Will in Som.RS 16 28 [A bed] de Pauli [viz., of white and blue with the curtains and all the apparel]. c1300 SLeg. LdMisc 108 197/111 A felawe-schipe þare cam go Of þe

for settyng on of the parurs of the best vestmentz & wasshyng of hem, & for settyng on of the blue sute & wasshyng of al other clothes, xvj d. (1459-60) Acc.Yatton in Som.RS 4 101 To the clerk for

þe hart..Ride to þe reuer..Ech segge to þe solas þat hym-self lyked. c1475 Awntyrs Arth. Tay 9 p.3 The king blue a rechase, Folut fast on the trase..That solas to see. a1475(a1456) Shirley Death Jas. Add 5467 14 Thay wer

þe hede. c1400(?c1390) Gawain Nero A.10 606 Þe helme..watz stapled stifly & stoffed wyth-inne. (1412) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.233 [A] materas [of blue] bokeram stuffed [with] coton. c1450(?1436) Siege Calais Rome 1306 40 With many a proude pavis, Gailly paynted and stuffed

a trunchyn of þe tre tut out behynd. (1455) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 A nother coope..with a tuft of blue and grene silke behynd. c1225 Body & S.(2) Wor F.174 10/39 Bihinden ond biuoren feire þu were imerked. a1225(?c1175)

cloth of gold; a garment of cloth of gold; hemmed , bordered with cloth of gold; of jacint , a blue or purple fabric interwoven with gold thread; (c) gold as a pigment, gold leaf used for writing, painting, or

Arras (Coggeshale , etc.), a piece of cloth made at Arras, etc.; of bleu (violet , etc.), a piece of blue (violet, etc.) cloth; of colour , a piece of colored fabric; of rai , a striped cloth; of silk

ðeow . (a) A way of behaving toward others; deportment, bearing, manners;-usu. pl.; (b) a habitual mode of conduct; a habit, practice [occas. difficult to distinguish from (a)]; (c) proper conduct, good manners, courtesy; (d) a characteristic act; also, ?a

concern; (b) an attribute or endowment (of man). (c1385) Chaucer CT.Kn. Manly-Rickert A.1378 Turned was al vp so doun Bothe habit and eek disposicioun Of..this woful louere. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C H.1 3.113 Nouȝt by chaungynge of body, but by

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