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that the said William. [now ] bishop, then abbot, refused to receive him as a monk, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession, unless he paid him a certain sum of money, or bound himself to pay it

the fift yeare of his reign wherby the lib'tes of Kerdiffe are confirmed." Note.-Seal missing ; cords of white, red, blue, yellow and gold strands. The texting is black and well preserved, save for a few stains. The parchment is

licence, on account of the persecutions which he suffered therein, by repairing to the Roman court, always, however, keeping his habit, and by celebrating mass etc., when under t he said sentences, although not in contempt of the Keys; to

sterling, to Gavin in commendam for six months from his taking the habit, and thereafter to cause him to be received as a monk, give him the habit and receive his profession, and make him collation and provision of the

then precentor ( preceptor ) of the church of Cashel, as a canon of the said monastery, give him the habit and receive his profession, and, in the event of their so doing, to summon the said John Seys and

20 marks sterling, to Cormac, even before he receives the habit of the said order and makes his regular profession as a canon; causing him to be given the said habit, and to be received as a canon of the

St. Andrew, Northampton, in which he assumed the monastic habit, but before completing 2 the year of probation refused to make his profession and left the said priory and abandoned the habit), if he find the facts to be so,

and 8 ells of blue medley, 6 yards of blue falding, and 4 yards of blue falding. And on 02/11/1394 bishop RC bought cloth worth �4716s 3d namely, 6 cloths of blue medley, 3 cloths of blue champ, three cloths

in the said order, habit and religion, and after being within his said age with the knowledge and by permission of the said prior and the brethren withdrew therefrom as lawful was, casting off the habit thereof, and Simon bishop

St. Mary Macosquin ( de Clarofonte alias de Magoscan ) in the said diocese, and to give him the regular habit and receive his profession. Cupientibus vitam . ( P . and Jo . Augeroles . | P . vi

above 60, who, on her husband ' s death, made a vow of chastity, and received in token thereof a habit ( clamidem ) and ring, to observe the same, she having been ravished by Hugh Freyn, knight, and having

Harry said the watch had been given to him at the Glove and Shears, by a stout man in a blue coat. On the way from M r Thackwell's to the Red Lion, the youth confessed that he had stolen

the martirology 1 s. 1 d. skin of vellum for same 5 d. Making a large frontal and another of blue camelet with pannus seratus 2 s. 6 d. For 23 buc de opynselk of various colours 8 s. 0

vows of religion, and wear a habit like that of canons regular of St. Augustine, they do not belong to any approved order), 9 so that he (who is a priest, wears the said habit, and has taken the said

that, if a woman wears the habit in the house for a year after completing the age of twelve years, she is professed in that order, and they said that Joan took the habit in the said priory in the

the king has learned that certain of the brethren, despising their profession and casting off thei r habit, some also persisting in their habit but abandoning themselves by reason of this vacancy and for lack of a pastor to insolence

a knightly race of earls and barons, to be received as a canon of the said priory, give him the habit and receive his profession, summon the said bishop, and collate and assign the priory, conventual and independent, and value

and in that event to cause Nemeas to be received as a monk of the said monastery and the regular habit to be given to him, and receive his profession, and thereupon to collate and assign to him the said

should wear the habit worn therein, etc., and the letters of collation stating that the priory was non-elective and depended on no other monastery. The recent petition of the said Maurice contained that he put off the habit of the

the other daughters and heirs of the said Oliver while within age and in the king's wardship have taken the habit of religion, namely Ellen in the priory of the nuns of Buklond and Elizabeth in the priory of the

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