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mistheu n. From theu n. A bad habit. a1325 Prov.Hend. Cmb Gg 1.1 st.3 Ne be þi childe nevir so dere, And he wil misþewis [Dgb: ounþewes] lere, Bete him oþirwile.

?OE heals & mael an ornament. A short cape covering the shoulders as part of the habit of a member of the Gilbertine Rule. a1250 Ancr. Nero A.14 193/19 Hore hesmel [Corp-C: cop] beo heie i-stihd al wið ute broche.

iwonsomnesse n. Also ȝewunsumnysse . From OE gewuna . Habit, custom. a1225 Wint.Ben.Rule Cld D.3 41/29,31 Buton aenȝe ȝeswynce..for þare ȝewunsumnysse heo beȝynð to healdenne, na for hellewites eȝe, ac..for þare sylfre goddere ȝewunsumnesse & þaewaene licunge.

custumhede n. From adj. Habitual practice, habit. a1425 Cursor Glb E.9 29139 Þare er steppes thrin Whilk men falles withall in syn..þe first in thoght, þat oþer in dede, þe thrid in syn of custumhede.

accustomen v. OF acostumer , acoust- . To form a habit, get into a habit; -- refl. or intr. ?c1450 Knt.Tour-L. Hrl 1764 9/19 She acustomed her selff of youthe to serue God devoutly. (a1460) DSPhilos. Helm 99/26 Accustume youreself

to one's inherent disposition. (c1454) Pecock Fol. Roy 17.D.9 189/31 Þe habit is to be seid propirli `habitual loue' or `charite'. (c1454) Pecock Fol. Roy 17.D.9 190/4 An inward habit in þe wil is to be seid propirli `habitual temperaunce'

bleu n. Also blu(e , blou(e . From adj. (a) Blue or blue-purple color; faded , pale or dull blue; orient , bright blue; sad , deep blue; (b) as a symbol of stability and constancy. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C

livour n. L livor A livid or discolored spot, a black-and-blue spot. ?a1425 Chauliac(1) NY 12 62a/b And it [contusion] bredeþ tracez, i. tokenez, & bloonez or liuours [Ch.(2) : wannesses]. ?a1425 Chauliac(1) NY 12 62b/a How forsoþ liuorez,

283/24 Pro j panno Accaby empto apud Venys..xxvj duc. (1401) Close R.Hen.IV 320-1 [Three amices of cloth of gold of blue] attaby..[one long gown of cloth of god of] attaby. a1500(a1450) Parton.(1) Add 35288 997 The halle also fulle ryally

, bloueth . From bleu adj. The blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). a1325 Gloss.Bibbesw. Cmb Gg.1.1 339 Le blaverole: bloweth [vrr. blowed, blawede]. a1325 Gloss.Bibbesw. Cmb Gg.1.1 602 Chapeu vestu de blauverole [glossed:] bloweth [vr. bloued]. c1400 Femina Trin-C B.14.40 29

A.3 6703 He sal þan yeild lijf for lijf..bla for bla, Wond for wond. Blue color. a1325(c1250) Gen.& Ex. Corp-C 444 638 God..Taunede him in ðe wakene a-buuen Reinbowe, men cleped reed and blo; ðe blo tokeneð de wateres wo.

bluetum A kind of blue woolen cloth. (1300-1301) Court R.Lond. 108 [One mantle of] bluett [furred with] bisses. (1394) Will York in Sur.Soc.4 197 j goun partitum cum bluet. (1439) Will Bury in Camd.49 10 Item lego Gilberto Skut xx

of abit) . ?A part or parts of a priestly garb or habit. (1474) Doc.Reynys in MP 14 Tan 407 3 A vestement of Red velvet pouderyd wt floures of gold complet, yt is..A Cope, A Chesapyll, and ij tonekyllys,

wone n. Bad habit, evil way of life. a1225(?a1200) Trin.Hom. Trin-C B.14.52 13 Ðat oder is emliche drinke, naht for te quenchen his luðere wil, ne his lust þe miswune haueð on broht, ac for to beten his þur[s]tes nede.

ypocrite manere þei seyn preuely þat fonnyd worldly heretikes ben wiser & trewere þan þe holy gost. c1475(?c1400) Wycl.Apol. Dub 245 105 Swilk similitudis of religious efter habit, and ypocrit signis, and neuerþeles not hauing þe vertu of Cristis religioun.

(b) ben , to be in the habit. a1500 3rd Fran.Rule Seton 52/24 Eche of theme also muste geve a peny of customably money to the storer. a1500(1422) Yonge SSecr. Rwl B.490 144/8 Hare kynges weryn to moche costumabli to

ben , to be in the habit. a1400(c1303) Mannyng HS Hrl 1701 8805 Whoso-euer þarto ys custummer [F de custume], Þogh he be of grete powere, Boþe he synneþ and doþe greuaunce. a1425(?a1400) RRose Htrn 409 4936 Youthe..That to don

. (a) A blue color; esp. light or grayish blue; (b) cloth, prob. woolen, of a light blue or blue-gray color; a piece of such cloth; rai, rai , cloth striped with this color; (c) light blue pigment or dye.

. bi or of accustom , by custom or habit. c1440(?a1396) ?Hilton Angels' Song Thrn 20/10 To haue Ihesu in his mynde..and by acostom he hase it nerehande alway in his mynde. ?a1475 Ludus C. Vsp D.8 108/326 I pray

, by custom or habit. (c1375) Chaucer CT.Mk. Manly-Rickert B.3701 This Nero hadde eek of acustumance In youthe agayns his maister for to rise. c1425(a1420) Lydg. TB Aug A.4 2.4745 Hir sonnysche her..Whiche with a þrede of golde sche wolde

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