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him a Las to breide And weve a Pours and to enfile A Perle. (c1395) Chaucer CT.WB. Manly-Rickert D.345 In habit maad with chastitee and shame Ye wommen shal apparaille yow..And nat in tressed heer and gay perree, As perles.

remnaunt amased drogh a-bak, For on by on they wente to meschaunce. a1425(c1385) Chaucer TC Benson-Robinson 2.222 Cast youre widewes habit to mischaunce. a1425(c1385) Chaucer TC Benson-Robinson 2.1019 God shilde us fro meschaunce! a1425(c1385) Chaucer TC Benson-Robinson 5.359 Thy swevenes..Drif

c1475(c1445) Pecock Donet Bod 916 19/3-4 And so `charyte' nameþ boþe habitual loue and actual loue; `moral vertu' namyþ oonli habit or his disposicioun into him, but not eny dede inward or outward. a1500(?a1425) Chester Pl.Antichr. Pen 399 508/497 What

privi ; (d) trouble, pains, effort; ado, fuss; their is nought , their labor is in vain; (e) a practice, habit, custom; (f) something made or built; masounes , masonry. c1400(?c1380) Cleanness Nero A.10 1233 Nolde never Nabugo þis ilke

occasion); the performance of (religious ceremonies or a devotional act); (c) a precept; rule (of a religious order); doctrine; custom, habit, common practice; (d) a ritual act; religious rite or devotional ceremony; church service; sacrament; act of homage, worship, reverence,

daunger tacounte for my talent? c1500 NPass. Ashm 61 98/974 I schall quyte hym hys talente. (a) Desire, will; inclination, habit, bent; of (to) , desire for (sth.); of a mannes thought , the tenor of a man's thought; leien

expowne the parable. a1400 Rolle Encom.Jesu Hrl 1022 191 Qwen I had taken my syngulere purpose & left þo seculere habit, & I be-gan mare to serf god þen man, [etc.]. (1422) Reg.Spofford in Cant.Yk.S.23 81 Forbedyng that with in

klerekes þanne to leawede. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C H.1 6.167 Cuthlacius..wente to þe abbay of Rependoun, and þere..took tonsure and habit of clerk [L clericalem]. (a1402) Trev. Dial.MC Hrl 1900 31/12,15 Clerkes..þat lede her lif as lewide men..Clerkes þat folewiþ

Personal character, disposition; god , moral ; (b) a trait of character or behavior, a personal characteristic; also, an attitude, habit, or manner. (c1385) Chaucer CT.Kn. Manly-Rickert A.1431 He was so gentil of condicioun That thurgh out al the court

crouned bote yf he ycome were Of franklens. ?a1425(?a1350) SLeg.Guth. Jul D.9 26 Þere he let him crouny and þe habit of clerc nom. a1500 As I walkyd vppon Hnt HM 183 21 Hitt most be a curate, a crownyd

The set of regulations governing a religious order; also, a particular item among such regulations; also fig. of Scripture; of habit ; bi ; oute of , without regard to the rule; (b) of seint austin (basil, benet, maur, paul)

For settyng on of the parurs of the best vestmentz & wasshyng of hem, & for settyng on of the blue sute & wasshyng of al other clothes, xvj d. for , gram. using (one case) in place of (another).

. (a) Of a black color, black; (b) and blo , black and livid, black and blue [see blo adj.]; or whit , black or white, of any color or kind; as col (blacche, croue, inde, molde, pich, slo), blakker

Forms: p. bleu(en , bleou(en , bleuh , ble(u)ȝ , blu(e , blou(en & blowed(e ; ppl. i)bloue(n , blau(e)n , iblaue , eblaw , blew . OE blawan ; bleow , bleowon ; blawen . (a) Of the wind:

a certain way); in, with , clothe (sb., the flesh) in (sth.); in Stafford bleu , beat (sb.) black and blue; (b) refl. to put on one's clothes, get dressed; dress (in a certain way); in, mid, with , dress

BGAS 15 150 Item, the veyl, other wyse called the lent cloth of whyte lynen cloth with a cross of blue. (a1470) Malory Wks. Win-C 881/6 Uppon that shylde, he made a crosse of hys owne bloode. (a1470) Malory Wks.

BGAS 15 150 Item, the veyl, other wyse called the lent cloth, of whyte lynen cloth with a cross of blue, and the lyne thereto. (1454-5) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 159 Item, for j lyne to the Lent cloth. (a1464)

color; of erthe , a substance found in or extracted from a deposit; of mountaine , ?a cupreous mineral; ?mountain blue, copper carbonate. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C H.1 1.175 Þis londe haþ veynes of colde [read: golde]. (a1398) Trev. Barth.

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