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et de Montignac."-To be buried in the church of Sisters Minoresses at Deneye, 3 her corpse being clothed in the habit of that order. The debts of Aymer de Valence, late Earl of Pembroc, her husband, to be discharged. Bequests

canons; and the king requests the prior and convent to admit Ingelram into their house to serve God under their habit amongst them, and to treat him with brotherly charity until the house of Jeddeworth be relieved and re-established in

Request that they will admit into their house Alice, daughter of John Descrennes, who desires to serve God in the habit of their religion. They are to write the king what they have done in this matter. Roger de Fubele

to the king by their letters that the aforesaid Ralph, who professed in their house at Bec, had rejected the habit of religion and was wandering about in secular dress. By K. The like to J. bishop of Llandaff and

(whom the pope has this day rehabilitated [ as above , f. 126 ] ), after he has received the habit and made his profession, the above priory, dependent on no monastery or other regular place, value not exceeding 80

the tenor of the king's previous orders. As the king understands that many of the rebels have put on the habit of religion and divers other habits in order to leave the realm or to hide more securely within the

inserted, namely two chalices of silver weighing 391/2 ounces, one missal of the Sarum use, one vestment of gold and 'blue lukys' for feast days, one 'chesuble,' one 'aube' with amice, stoles, fanons and girdle, another red rayed, namely an

of a chamber of red worsted, a gown of crymesyn in green furred with grey, a green gown lined, a blue gown furred with black lamb, two gowns of violet furred with white menyvere, a russet gown furred with mink,

1 each green & purple covers & 1 red back hanging for same. 1 each blue frontal & super frontal for Lady altar. 1 blue dorsal & hangings for wall at the back of same. 1 hanging lamp for Lady

cloth worth 4 [denomination omitted, presumably shillings ] ; on 13/05/1400 WP bought three and a half ells of woollen blue cloth worth 13s 5d, half an ell of red cloth for 5s 6d, three ells of green cloth worth

silver gilt each weighing 6 marks, a piece of scarlet, a piece of 'sangwyn' dyed in grain, two pieces of blue, two pieces of 'mustrevilers,' two pieces of 'marble' colour, two pieces of russet 'mustrevilers,' two pieces of black cloth

within the realm, and all debts to him due; and in name of seisin he has delivered to them one blue gown doubled with 'frise.' Dated London, 1 September, 36 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 3 September. Thomas Lankeland citizen

74 yards 11/2 quarter of a yard of cloth of gold crimson colour, 201/2 yards of cloth of gold of blue colour, 151/2 yards of green velvet, 81/2 yards of velvet figure green and black colour, 221/4 yards of velvet

ells of cloth of 'sangwyn freze,' 16 ells of cloth of 'murre,' 1 ell of black cloth, 1 ell of blue, one dozen of cloth of 'russet' of Wales, and half a dozen vessels of 'peutre garnysshe.' Dec. 1. Westminster.

March 1447 Hugh Courtenay bought from him 20 yards of black woollen cloth, one yard of blue woollen cloth, and 48 yards of blue woollen cloth for �7, payable on request, and on 26 October 1438 he bought 16 yards

of geet , with gaudees of silver gilt, 25 of another pattern, 38 s .; 14 sets of aves of blue glass, with paternostres silver gilt, 3 s . 4 d .; 28 sets of paternostres of geet , 3

done work in the church it was accepted; 22 this sum, however, was reduced on the architect's recommendation to use blue Bath stone in place of Totternhoe stone for inside work; Portland stone being specified for the exterior. The restoration,

ffrontell' of the same sewte. It em , a frontell' for the schelffe standyng on the alt er , of blue sarsenet w i t h brydd es of golde, and ij blew Curteynes of sylke, ffrenghid. It e m,

Franciscans, Friars Minors, or Grey Friars, and had built a dormitory for them. The site is now occupied by the Blue Coat School. Or privy. In a deed enrolled in the Husting we find quedam latrina vocata Wardrope -Roll 104

Earl of Compton, who clandestinely married the only child of the deceased), and two splendid arches, highly decorated in rich blue and vermilion colours-now much faded-were exposed. As to these, see Appendix K, p. 658. By Heaton, Buller & Co.

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