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of white on a black background. The Seal (repaired) is of green wax and is affixed with silk cords of blue and yellow intertwined. It represents the equestrian figure of the grantor, with the arms on shield and caparisons. Legend

Graves. walter Phillips the Red Cow. James Thomas Cardiff Bote. Winnefrid Gedrych the Ship. Mary Thomas Black Lion. Edward Ellis Blue Anchor. Thomas Lewis three Crans. William Williams Plow & Harrow. Paul Price Kings Head. William Stone Shoulder & Mutton.

Dated London, 16 March, A.D. 1352. Roll 81 (122) Co. Norfolk. See note supra , p. 661. S. Michael Bassishaw. Blue cloth. Preston Deanery, near Hardingstone, co. Northampton. Piddington, co. Northampton. Hardingstone, co. Northampton. A cocoa-nut used as a drinking

his daughter one coat and one curtepy of black medlet . 20 To Robert his son a party robe of blue and red ( de blueto et de chaump rubeo ). To Walter his apprentice his leasehold interest in tenements

Nicholas aforesaid for pious uses. Also to the said John a stone called "Rubye" set in gold, a girdle of blue silk with griffons of gold, a piece of tapestry for the hall with two costers ( costis ) of

Drapers of London, a silver - mounted mazer, a coat of russet with fur of oteres , a coat of blue furred with ficheux , 1 and a red coat lined with fustiam . 2 To the church of Banstede

Close Rolls, Edward II October 1322 October 1322 Oct. 3. Auckland. To Thomas de Eyvill, keeper of the lands of certain rebels in co. York. Order to restore to John de Eland his lands in Eland and the

cloth of gold, crimson colour, 318. -, blue colour, 318-9. velvet, green and black, 319. -, tawny, 319. -, russet, 319. gown of crymesyn in green, 398. -, green lined, 398. -, blue furred with black lamb, 398. -, violet

47 Bartholomew Close, in the year 1910, which is considered by the quality of the enamel and the Della Robbia-like blue tint to be North Italian work between the years 1510 and 1520. As this was the only piece of

for xj yard es of blue lyes for the saide Corteynes, p rice iiij d It e m, for hemmyng and lyryng and settyng on of the Ryngges viij d It e m, for blue threde and iij dossen laten

d q uarter for o doblet for Rob er t. It em , for ij yard es q uarter of blue, p rice vj s. It em , for iiij yard es di. white ffreese, p rice ij s iij

stolen the rings and also one quilt petticoat, black stuff one side and blue stuff the other; one lightcoloured camlet gown, "pretty much wore ," and one blue and white linen apron. Coroner's Inquest taken at Newmill in the parish

according to the discipline and rule of their order, as they wander about divers parts of England in the secular habit, not permitting themselves to be punished by their rule, as Peter has informed the king. Enrolment of indenture made

or of what age the jurors knew not, for that Margaret Hawekeswelle his aunt is a nun, having taken the habit of religion in the nuns' house of St. Bartholomew Newcastle upon Tyne of the order of St. Benedict, and

who petition 4 on his behalf, and at their petitions and the petition of Hugh himself, who asserts that the habit of the above monastery, in which he has made his profession, is reputed almost secular-to hold with the said

Camera . Augustinian canons , belonging to houses not named, 148, 157, 511. -, - See also St. Augustine. -, habit of, 77, 94. -, houses of:- in England. See Barlinch; Barnwell; Bicknacre; Broomhall; Carlisle; Cirencester; Dunstable; Haltemprice; Hexham; Huntingdon;

be received as a canon in the monastery of Maylanfay, O.S.A., in the diocese of Lismore, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession. His canonry and prebend of Cloyne, to which are annexed the perpetual vicarage of Bregog

that event to receive John Cantwell, precentor of Cashel, as a canon of the said monastery, give him the regular habit thereof, and receive his profession, and thereupon to summon the said John Seys, and collate and assign the said

it to the pope by Eugenius's letters patent sealed with the seal of Eugenius, who is to wear thenceforth the habit which is worn in St. John's, etc. Solicite consideracionis . ( An . and G. Gonne . | An.

soon as he has been received as a canon of the said monastery and made his profession, or taken the habit and worn it for three days etc., he is to resign the said sacristship, and the said other letters

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