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a canon of the Augustinian abbey of St. Michael, Mayo, in the said diocese, and cause him to receive the habit, and receive his profession; notwithstanding that he holds the said vicarage, value not exceeding 3 marks sterling, which the

[friar ] hermits, or that of St. Benedict, or any other approved order of stricter rule and observance, receive the habit, and remain therein for life. Religionis zelus , vite etc . ( P . and [- ] . |

Killala, that the said John Bared, after obtaining possession of the said administration, abandoned his said monastery and the regular habit, alienated and dilapidated the possessions of the said administration and committed fornication more than once, hereby orders the above

of the abbot and convent, except two or three of the canons of the church of York, in a decent habit, as many religious being joined to him as he sees expedient. The pope hereby further grants that they shall

be subjected to Jews and be given in marriage by them. He further said, that the Jews were in the habit of following many and unlawful practices, to the dishonour of God and the detriment of all the realm; and

the residue as being, by the terms of the devise, at their own absolute disposal, have nevertheless been in the habit of appropriating considerable sums out of it annually in aid of other charities whose funds may from time to

therefore, permitted to export in Spanish, or English vessels, all kinds of merchandize to England which they were in the habit of exporting before the above-mentioned letters patent had been issued, except, however, such goods as even Spanish subjects are

to their archbishop, notwithstanding that, whil e on a journey to Rome, being dangerously sick, he has taken the Cistercian habit. 15 Kal Sept. Orvieto. (f. 8 d .) Mandate to [Pandulph ] bishop elect of Norwich, papal legate, to

to him by the pope, notwithstanding the papal provision made of the same to John de Bramham, who took the habit of St. Augustine before obtaining the rectory. Ibid . (f. 287.) To the dean and chapter of Hereford. Grant

de Redeni, layman, to be received into the hospital of St. Nicholas, Herbaldon, in which the inmates wear a distinct habit, and hear mass daily, and say the Lord ' s Prayer and the Hail Mary, and the canonical hours;

monks are natives drawing their origin from the realm, and that no alien has dwelt among them under the regular habit for a long time, and the king wishes to be certified concerning this. By K. [Prynne, Records , iii,

He also grants that if the means ( facultates ) of the said House shall so increase that the secular habit and life there may be converted into religious exercises ( excer [ ci ] tium ), and an order

in other houses of that order in Ireland it has become the practice that no one is admitted to the habit of religion unless oath ( fides ) have been first made or unless it appear otherwise by evidence or

of blue velvet, value 46 s . 8 d . 646. Item, .i. cope de velvet rouge, les orfreis de satyn bloy, ovec ymages, pris .liij. s. .iiij. d. 646. Item, a cope of red velvet, the orphreys of blue

to such chaplains granted by former popes, did refuse to obey their superiors, took off the habit of religion, put on again a secular habit, and wandered hither and thither through the world to the hurt of their souls, the

event to receive the said Maurice ( recte John) as a canon in the said monastery, give him the regular habit thereof, and receive his profession as a canon of the same, and thereupon to collate and assign to him

of nuns in Mynchenbarwe priory and has there taken the habit of religion, being therein professed at the age of fourteen and upwards, and has there publicly worn the habit of nuns professed for five years, and that she has

the said Alice, a nun professed of the said order, was apostate therefrom, despising the habit thereof, and wandering from country to country in secular habit, to the peril of her soul and the scandal of the order, for which

his profession, and the habit of his order, and betook himself to the Cistercian monastery of Tintern ( Kinternia ) in the diocese of Ferns, got the abbot and convent thereof to give him its regular habit and to receive

belonging to houses not named, 752, 791 note . -, benefices wont to be held by, 647 note . -, habit of, 541. -, houses of:- in England. See Abingdon; Alcester; Bury St. Edmunds; Canterbury; Chester; Colchester; Coventry; Dover; Durham;

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