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mandate with regard to John de Foriton, monk of Holm Cultram, "who has left his monastery and sometimes also his habit, and desires to be reconciled to his order" ( Papal Letters iii, 470). 1353. Bishop Welton's mandate to the

there. Order not to permit any abbot, prior or other man of religion, whether in the habit of his order or in the secular habit, to cross or make any apportum contrary to the statute, without the king's special order

Gloucester and the bailiffs of the town of Gloucester. Whereas the king has learned that certain friars preachers, rejecting the habit of their order, wander through several counties, to the scandal of the order, the king ordered the sheriffs to

as they have signified to the king that the said John, despising the habit of the order, is wandering about from country to country in secular habit, to the peril of his soul and the scandal of the order. Et

(pieces?) of blue worsted' (sex duodenas de worstede blodii coloris); 8 pieces of white fustian; 6 pieces of black fustian; 12 dublets (diplotecias) of white fustian; 4 dublets of black fustian; 6 dublets of russet fustian; 2 blue outer-garments (togas);

of green cloth; 12 yards of blue cloth ; 9 yards [an item may be missing at this point due to damage ] of black cloth called 'Black of Lyre'; 2 stone of blue wool; 2 stone of black wool;

fur, another of musterdvilers lined with beaver, and the third a lined blue gown, four women's gowns, one of violet lined with pure miniver ('gris'), another of blue lined with pote, another of green cloth lined with buckram, and the

house at London and carry off goods and chattels to the value of �40. The goods taken were namely: one blue bed with a hanging of Winchester-work; one other bed with a hanging, worked with black and red roses; two

received valuable benefactions from successive kings, nobles, and others. The conventual building was among the finest structures in Scotland. The habit of the order was a white gown and scapular within the cloister, to which it added outside a black

dorser (back-curtain) of red worsted with two large costers (side-curtains) embroidered with the arms of Mautravers, and 14� yards of blue worsted for �30. However, JA di d not pay this total of �96 13s 4d, and nor have his

de Waperlond de Wentebrigge taken at the suit of Walter de Staneford, "dieghere," with the mainour of three pieces of blue cloth ( panni de blueto ) of the value of 24 s ., of which the said Henry had

on 8 July 1382, Hugh de Bisseley bought from the late WL 3 yards of scarlet cloth, 3 yards of blue cloth, 3 yards of green cloth, and 4 pair of hose made from kersey, all for 64s 8d, payable

daughter of Sir Richard Hawkins, Knt., a "Carcanett" 27 enamelled black and blue, containing eleven pieces set with sixty-six pearls, having a "Tortis" 28 pendant set with a blue sapphire; to her goddaughter Margaret Ireland two "Carcanettes" of gold, the

after St. Botolph 49 Edward III, that Margaret daughter and one of the heirs of Robert Ram, who took the habit of religion of St. Benedict at Hedyngham co. Essex wherein she made profession in 47 Edward III, on the

before John archbishop of York the chancellor, and being by him examined, did acknowledge that brother William has taken the habit of religion in the said house of Tykforde, wherein he was professed by John de Castello prior of Holy

mature deliberation the bishop did by definitive sentence declare him relapsed, degrade him from the priesthood, deprive him of the habit of a clerk and of the benefit of clergy, and abandon him to the secular arm as the manner

estate in, 57, 201. dirige , religious service, 79, 426. gilds, fraternities, 343, 362, 447. gospels, oath taken upon, 228. habit of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, cross of, oath taken upon, 234. hospitals. See : Beck Hall.

said canonry and rectory) to be received as a canon of the said monastery of Cong, give him the regular habit and receive his profession, and moreover, if he will accuse the said Riscerdus before them, to summon the latter,

Limerick, as a canon of the priory of St. Mary, Raghely, O.S.A., in the said diocese, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession, and thereafter to collate and assign to him the said priory, conventual, elective, with cure,

of St. John the Evangelist by Kilkenny ( iuxta Kilkeniam ), O.S.A., in the said diocese, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession, and thereupon to collate and assign to him the said priory, which is conventual and

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