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dyuerse religiouns to be in the chirche, for that bi so greet a dyuersite..of outward habit and of inward wering, and of diet and of waking and of officiyng and of sitis, or of placing, and of bilding, and of

the crosse for sheeld and targe hadde hee. (1455) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 Item, one payr of vestymentes of blue with a patyble of whyte, hertes, and the worde IHC, one awbe and an amisse and the other apparail

, Norw. dial. litmose , Swed. letmossa ) & MDu. lijkmoes . A blue pigment, litmus; ?also, lichens from which the pigment is obtained. (1320) in Lofvenberg Contrib.Lex. 74 [Two barrels of] lykemose. (1324-5) in Gras Eng.Cust.Syst. 383 Idem Lutekyn

graven. -?-(1464) Will in Som.RS 16 203 [An aspersorium..silver and gilt] swaged. c1450 When the son Frf 16 373 Hyr mekely nek..With your hand ye myght..clyp a boute..The veinys wonder smal lyke a wyre Of fressher blue then swaged saphyre.

various adj. Also varios , varius . Prob. from ML variosus (cp. AL variose adv.); also cp. L varius . (a) Of diverse kinds; of clothing: characterized by (?excessive) variety; (b) variegated, mottled, specif. black-and-blue, livid. ?a1425 Chauliac(1) NY

celestin(e adj. Also celestrin . L caelestinus ; cp. OF celestre . (a) Celestial ; cercle , the primum mobile; (b) sky-blue; (c) as noun: a celestial being. c1460(?c1400) Beryn Nthld 55 1087 He wisshid þat his breth Had

. OF jacintin & ML jacinctinus . (a) Made of jacinth; ston , a jacinth; (b) of blue or purple color; (c) of blue or purple cloth. (c1384) WBible(1) Roy 1.B.6 Apoc.9.17 Thei..hadden fijry haberiouns and iacynctines [vrr. iacynctis, iacinct;

, statford- . OE Staef-ford (a) In comb.: bleu , blue cloth from Stafford in Staffordshire; clothen in bleu , fig. to give (sb.) a beating, beat black-and-blue; (b) in comb.: knotte , her. a loose knot, roughly S-shaped, used

habit n. Also habite , habitte , abit(e , abitte , abith , abigth , habet , abet , abbet , (error) ablet . OF h)abit (a) Clothing; also, characteristic attire; clothing and ; also fig. ; (b) a garment;

OF h)abiter . Also cp. habit n. To dwell; inhabit (a place). a1425(?a1400) RRose Htrn 409 660 her swete song deliten In thilke places as they habiten. a1425(?a1400) RRose Htrn 409 7618 That lovers gladly wole visiten The places

Liege, from Liege; rai , ?striped cloth made in Liege. (1403) in Lofvenberg Contrib.Lex. 40 [One vestment of gold and] blue lukys [for feast days]. (1415) Invent.Agincourt in Archaeol.70 98 v capis de panno adaurato de Lukes albo; j panno

an vicious leuyng. c1450 Chaucer TC Hrl 2280 5.1868 So mak vs ihc for thy mercy digne. (1455) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 Item, one payr of vestymentes of blue with a patyble of whyte, hertes, and the worde IHC.

ML jacintus . (a) A precious stone of blue (rarely of red) color, jacinth; ston ; (b) the color of the stone, blue or purple color; (c) a fine cloth of blue or purple color. c1225(?c1200) HMaid. Bod 34 38/644-5

Sur.Soc.45 216 Lego..Edwardo Bigott j sparvour with j pelew. (a1483) in Parker Gloss.Archit.1 434 A Sperver of velvet white and blue paled, conteynyng testour, celour, counterpoint, and valance of the same. (a1500) Collect.Anglo-Premonst. in RHS ser.3.6 264 Item in camera..a

bis adj. & n. Also bice , byse , bize . OF bis , bise adj. Dark, gray, ?blue-gray; a pigment of this color. (1365-6) in Hope Windsor C. 210 Et in vii lb. asure de Bys. c1390 Marie

cp. MnE bottle & buddle . (a) Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis); (b) corn marigold (Chrysanthemum segetum); yelwe ; (c) blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus); bleu ; (d) whit , ox-eye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum). c1150(OE) Hrl.HApul. Hrl 6258B 129.123 Þeos wyrt þat man

. OF pers , perce , piers . (a) Blue, bluish; purplish; blue-grey; bleu ; (b) as noun: one such color; cloth of such color; a kind or quality of cloth; bleu . (1414) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 2 [5 cloths

stylle, as hyt ded wore. (1480) Wardrobe Acc.Edw.IV in Nicolas PPExp. 118 For xj pair sloppes, wherof oon pair of blue ledre, iiij payr of Spaynyssh leder, v pair of tawny leder..price of every payre xviij d..for viij paire of

pigment or paint made of powdered lapis lazuli, ultramarine; also, any blue pigment or paint; fin ; fals , of Almaine , ?Prussian blue; bis , a dark blue. (c1325) Recipe Painting(1) in Archaeol.J.1 Hrl 2253 64 ȝef thin asure

herte by penaunce. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 3.3940 The said bisshop..Kam to his fader withoute mor tarieng, Chaungid nouther habit nor clothyng, With al thensignes. Mil. (a) A battle flag or standard; (b) a battle cry. c1425(a1420) Lydg. TB

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