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blending with iwoned . (a) Habit, custom; don , to do as one is accustomed; (b) a way of living; (c) habitual coming, resort; (d) accustomed place; (e) as adj.: accustomed, customary; in the habit of (doing sth.). c1175(?OE) Bod.Hom.

clothing; (b) of care , mourning garb; seculer , lay dress; (c) the habit of a nun; (d) priestly vestments; (e) bedclothes; (f) fig. any covering for the body. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 4539 Lok cletyng [Frf: cleþinge] neu on

custumen v. Also customen , costomen . OF co(u)stumer (a) To form a habit, get into a habit; get used to (doing sth.); (b) to train (a sense organ) to habits, habituate; (c) to make a practice (of sth.); continue

by the assent and comaundement of my lord of Caunterbury. (1397) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 6.172 [A bed with a whole celure of blue] satyn [embroidered with] ragget staves [on a black] plake [of] velvet. (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.78 [3] quirteyns [with a] travers

Thomas, my sone, a bed of tapicers werk, with alle the tapites of sute. (1397) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 6.172,173 [A] tapyt [of blue] tapysereswerk [with eagles]..[13 green] tapytz [of] tapyserwerk [with divers arms]. (1439) Will in Anc.10 17 I bequethe to Anneys

(1440) PParv. Hrl 221 487 Tassel [Win: Tassele]: Tassellus. (1455) in Rymer's Foedera (1709-10) 11.369 A Mantel..Laced with Lace of Blue Silk, with Knopps and Tassells. (1464) Doc. in Welch Hist.Pewterers Lond. 30 Item, iij Chaplettes of rede satyn with

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis); (b) corn marigold (Chrysanthemum segetum); yelwe ; (c) ox-eye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum); whit ; (d) bleu , blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). ?c1125(?OE) Dur-C.Gloss. Dur-C Hunter 100:Cockayne 305 Rosmarinum. Sun deav vel bothen vel feld medere. c1150(OE) Hrl.HApul.

n. (a) Custom, habit; with inf.: the habitual inclination (to do sth.), the habit (of doing sth.); in , in or into conformity with customary behavior, good habits or customs, etc.; also, with inf.: in the habit (of doing sth.);

with thre dyuerse coloures: with rede, grene, and whight. (1455) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 One payr of vestymentes of blue with a patyble of whyte, hertes, and the worde IHC. 1486 ?Berners Bk.St.Albans Blades 1881 her.leaf d i/b Theis

or subject to, a religious or monastic rule; canoun , canounes reguleres [see also canoun n.(2) 2. (a)]; habit , the prescribed habit of a religious; wommen , professed nuns; canoun , clerk = canoun ; houre , one of

Often difficult to distinguish from Inde adj. (1). (a) Having a deep blue or indigo color; (b) dyed or colored with indigo or a similar pigment; bokeram , indigo buckram; carde (cendal) , the fabric called carde (cendal) , dyed

softe as stamyn [L staminum], neiþer breches, but in þe wey. (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.78 [11 old tapets of white and blue] stamyn. (1423) Will York in Sur.Soc.45 70 Curtinis de stamyn. c1430(c1386) Chaucer LGW Benson-Robinson 2360 But letters can she

red-flowering variety of bugle, perh. A. iva; (b) glossing L fraxinus: one or more short-stalked plants bearing heart-shaped leaves and blue flowers, otherwise similar to bugle, perh. members of the mint family such as skullcap (Scutellia galericulata) or self-heal (Prunella

bugle n.(2) Also bugil , buygel , bewgle . OF bugle , from L bugillo & (by confusion) buglossa . (a) A blue-flowered herb (Ajuga reptans) of the mint family; water ; also, perh., some other species of Ajuga;

carde; (b) blod , carde of a certain color (prob. blue); lombard , carde of a kind imported from (or associated with) Lombardy. (1278-9) Acc.St.Paul in Archaeol.J.3 254 Item, in x ulnis de karde, iij s. v d. (1295) Acc.Shipbuilding

cp. ML cuperosa . A metallic sulphate, as of iron (green), of copper (blue), or of zinc (white); vitriol [used in tanning, dyeing, and medicinally]. (1325) in Gras Eng.Cust.Syst. 386 Pro xii barellis de coperose val. lx s. a1350 Ipswich

dronken ppl. (a) The state of being drunk, intoxication; (b) the habit or vice of indulging in heavy drinking. a1121 Peterb.Chron. LdMisc 636 an.1070 Þurh heora gemelest & þurh heora druncen-hed, on an niht for-baernde þa cyrce. (a1382) WBible(1) Dc

drounken- & drinkenchipe . OE druncenscipe (a) The state of being drunk, intoxication; (b) the habit or vice of indulging in heavy drinking; (c) a drunken company; of cobeleres . (a1393) Gower CA Frf 3 5.150 Upon his drunkeschipe, Thei

c1475(c1445) Pecock Donet Bod 916 19/4 `Moral vertu' namyþ oonli habit or his disposicioun into him..`moral vertuose dede'..nameþ þe dedis goyng bifore þe habit and þe dedis comyng aftir þe habit. (c1443) Pecock Rule Mrg M 519 334 Leernyd men

ppl. of geþeawian . Mannered; wel , wel , well-mannered, well-behaved; ilich , like in habit or behavior. c1175(?OE) Bod.Hom. Bod 343 52/7 Þe mon þe ða synne edlaecð aefter bocenae saȝum ilice ȝeþeawod þam hundum þe aet þaet he

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