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assumed the said habit and has made the regular profession wont to be made by the said canons, to have and wear, at Oxford and in any other places outside the precincts of the said house, the habit or costume

appointed, upon an information that Roger Frank and others, monks of Fountains abbey in the diocese of York, despising their habit of religion did contrary to the will of John Rypoun the abbot eloign themselves without the abbey no small

their own land. If by chance their beasts stay out for a night in the forest, without making it a habit, they can return home without plea or claim against them. If this gift cannot be made he will give

the monastery and the habit to be given to him, and receive his profession, and thereupon make him provision of the monastery. As soon as he has been received as a monk, has been given the habit, and has made

and ten months since his deprivation) to be received as a canon of the said priory, give him the regular habit and receive his profession, and moreover, if Cornelius will accuse the said Rory before them, to summon both Nicholas

indult, in the event of such third benefice being a regular benefice requiring the regular habit and profession, not to be bound to receive such habit or make such profession, etc. Litterarum scientia , vite etc . [31/2 pp .

the monastery of St. Mary, Dalingh ( recte Driburgh), O. Praem., in the said diocese [of Glasgow ] , the habit to be given to him, and his profession received, and to whom the pope by other letters granted the

and in that event to receive the said William as a monk of the said monastery, give him the regular habit and receive his profession, and thereupon, if he found him fit, to make provision of him to the said

laying violent hands on clerks or ecclesiastical persons, wandering forth from his monastery without licence, and even without his regular habit, entering monasteries of nuns or other forbidden places, carrying prohibited arms, disobeying his superiors, conspiring against them or others,

pope also ordered the collector by other letters to collate and assign to him, after he should have worn the habit for three months, the said pr eceptory, which was void by the death of Richard Brighous, and which Macclesfeld

habit is the cause of very grave scandal, and that the devotion of the people is so much turned away from the order that the founders of the monasteries threaten that, if the said abbots, etc. abandon their primeval

cellar and a tenement. 67 In 1782 the stained glass in the hall depicted: 68 a monkey in a monk's habit shaving a dog, which is seated in a chair; St. Basil the Great, opponent of the Arian heresy; a

to give you better light of the figure, the chief person in this is Thomas White, sitting in his eminent habit of Lord Mayor: on the one hand sits Charity with a pelican on her head; on the other, Learning

of Jedward in the diocese of Glasgow. and the regular habit to be given to him, and also to receive his regular profession. As soon as he has received the habit etc., he is to resign the perpetual vicarage called

took part in the service, says Spalding, were attired in "white rochets and white sleeves, and capes of gold having blue silk to their foot." The communion table was prepared "after the manner of an altar, having thereupon two books,

Omeargay, clerk, of the said diocese, desires to serve God with the convent of the said priory, under the regular habit), to receive the said Thomas, who is illegitimate, being the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, and

general reservation of all conventual priorships, void and to be void; and that the said Cornelius desires to take the habit in the said monastery) hereby orders the above three to cause the said Cornelius (who alleges that Donatus Ohega,

and to resign or exchange it, as often as he pleased, and to wear over his Benedictine monk ' s habit a priestly cassock of a becoming colour. 3 The pope now dispenses him to hold with Binh(a)m 4 such

foregoing, and orders the above three to receive him as a canon of the said monastery, give him the regular habit and receive his profession, and thereupon to collate and assign to him the said priory, which is non-elective and

if they found him fit etc., and after relaxing the said oath, to be received as a monk, and the habit to be given to him etc. Afterwards, as the recent petition of the above abbot and convent to the

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