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the fro outrageous expenses and yeftis, And kepe euyr temperaunce in largete. (c1454) Pecock Fol. Roy 17.D.9 190/5 An inward habit in þe wil is to be seid propirli `habitual temperaunce' or..`liberalte' or `largite' or `riȝtwisnes'. (a1382) WBible(1) Bod 959

and actuelly onyd to hym. (c1454) Pecock Fol. Roy 17.D.9 190/15 Eche of þilke deedis is actuali moral þe habit of hem is moral vertu. c1500(?a1475) Ass.Gods Trin-C R.3.19 2047 My body..began for to shake For drede of the

hair or beard; (d) with ref. to a coin: clipping. (a1387) Trev. Higd. StJ-C H.1 6.167 He took tonsure and habit of clerk. ?c1430(c1400) Wycl.Satan & P. Corp-C 296 268 Here tonsure, here abitis ben ful of lesyngis. (?a1439) Lydg.

vestiarie . (a) The vestry of a church; dore ; girdel , a belt used to tuck in a monastic habit so that it would not show when celebrating a mass; warde-robe , ?a wardrobe used to store ecclesiastical garments;

c1450(c1400) Sultan Bab. Gar 140 1005 Thre hundred thousand of Sarsyns..Some bloo, some yolowe, some blake as more. Sad, sorrowful, blue. a1325(c1250) Gen.& Ex. Corp-C 444 637 God..Taunede him..Reinbowe, men cleped, reed and blo. ?a1400(a1338) Mannyng Chron.Pt.2 Petyt 511 p.173

and schynynge, and somtyme leeseth it, by the opinyoun of usaunces. Personal custom or habit, usual behavior; manner of comportment, personal conduct; also, a personal habit. (a1393) Gower CA Frf 3 6.569 Of fool usance, Which don was of continuance

our forfaders afore us, of brekyng of feldis and entryng of comyn. A personal habit or manner, habitual behavior; haven in , to be in the habit. a1425(a1400) Paul.Epist. Corp-C 32 Rom.6.6 Þe consuetude of synne. c1425 Treat.10 Com. StJ-O

mind); (b) fixed , fixed in position; sterres fixed ; lodged or stuck (in mud); of fortune: unchangeable; of a habit: firmly established or set. c1450(c1370) Chaucer ABC Benson-Robinson 9 Bountee so fix hath in thin herte his tente, That

Louerd asse þu ard Trin-C B.14.39 210 Cofren & forcers wel sone heo vnwunden, Gold & stoir & mirre heo habit þer inne ifunden. c1330 7 Sages(1) Auch 90/1901 Þai dede þe king fille twei forcers Of riche gold and

pretence freendliheed..ther malis can extende To cause princis doun from ther sees descende. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 6.47 Hir habit was of manyfold colours, Wachet bleuh of feyned stedfastnesse..A pretens red, dreed meynt with hardynesse. ?a1450 Dives & P.

5.1027 Þi brotel fauour, forgid not of stele, Meynt and allaied with mutabilite. (?a1439) Lydg. FP Bod 263 6.45 [Fortune's] habit was of manyfold colours..Hir gold allaied like sonne in wattri shours. 1447 Bokenham Sts. Arun 327 9842 The molde

day suffre on hire piliouns and here cappes for hete. (1397) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 6.171 [3] pillions, [one of] ben, [one of blue velvet]. c1440(?a1400) Morte Arth.(1) Thrn 3460 And one he henttis a hode..A pauys pillion-hatt, þat pighte was full faire

Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 Item, a nother coope of dyuers workes of yelowe and braunche with a tuft of blue and grene silke be hynd. (a1460) Vegetius(2) Pmb-C 243 1270 Vocal is oon [signal], and that is mannys voys,

, jnde , inda , hende . OF (a) The color indigo (varying in shade from sky blue to a deep purplish blue); colour, colour , indigo; blak as , as dark as indigo; (b) the pigment which imparts the

plant woad (Isatis tinctoria) or the blue dyestuff prepared from the leaves of this plant; ?also, the plant weld (Reseda luteola) or the yellow dyestuff prepared from this plant; also, ?any of several red, blue, or purple dyestuffs; ?dye; (b)

(1454-5) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 A nother coope of dyuers workes of yelowe and braunche with a tuft of blue and grene silke be hynd. (1466) in Cox Churches Derb. 4.86 Item, ij clothes before the hye altar, one

[with] the wordes 'Exorzizo te creatura salis', etc. (1454-5) Acc.St.Ewen in BGAS 15 149 Item, one payr of vestymentes of blue with a patyble of whyte, hertes, and the worde 'IHC'. c1475(1392) MS Wel.564 Wel 564 46a/a Avicenne calliþ it

habitual practice of an individual; habitual behavior, a habit; a personal habit; also, a habit of an animal; (b) bi , in , of , as a matter of habit, by habit, habitually; (c) ben in , haven of ,

character trait; also, a habit; also, a peculiarity, quirk; (c) a bad habit; a vice; a moral blemish, fault; of sinne (doublenesse , etc.) , ivel (lithere, wikked , etc.) ; (d) a characteristic or habit of an animal. (?a1439)

The act or habit of eating, partaking of food; also, partaking of (the Host). ?c1200 Orm. Jun 1 19063 Inn etinng & inn drinnkinng. a1225(?OE) Lamb.Hom. Lamb 487 19 Þe licome luueð muchele slauðe and muchele etinge and drunkunge. a1225(?a1200)

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