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d . 905 Robert Castell, 'pewetrer' of Somersham co. Huntingdon, to John Robertson, 'wever' of London, his executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels in Somersham aforesaid and elsewhere within the realm and of all debts to

inhabitantis of the citie of Glasgow ar sindrie tymes chargeit [etc., in terms similar to No. LXVI. ] Gevin vnder oure signet, and subscriuit with oure hand at our castellof Striueleing the sext day of Februare, and of oure

LXVIII Letters of James VI confirming LXVI (1578) LXVIII. Letters by King James VI. in terms similar to No. LXVI. Stirling, 27 July 1578. Rex. We, vnderstanding that diuers of the inhabitantis of the citie of Glasgw ar sindrie

meddle no further with the manors of 'Parkhalle' by 'Castell Bromwych' and Pedemore, eight messuages, four carucates of land, 100 acres of meadow, 40 acres of wood and 10 l . of rent in 'Castell Bromwych,' Sutton in Colefelde, Crudworth,

of þ e Cronacioun of Quene Kateryne and of Service. Fyrst, the quene sate in hir astate, and the Erchebysshoppe of Caunterbury and the Bysshoppe of Wynchester satte upon the righ[t ] honde of the quene, and the Kynge

and inn of the said John's executors, 40 s . a year to be taken of the said site and inn by the hands of the keeper of the great wardrobe and of other the tenants or occupiers of the

manor of Bokenham Lathes and in other castles and manors of John Clyfton to his use, to Robert Smyth, son of Adam Smyth of Old Bokenham their neif belonging to the said manor. Manumission according to the last will of

St. Peter ' s, Rome. (f. 14.) To the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. Mandate to confer the office of notary public on John Creci, [priest ] , rector of West Kytk by ( rectius Kyrkby) in his diocese, to

rent of 100 l . payable during a term of six years at the feast of Allhallows in the church ( above mentioned ) of and in their manors of Pershore, Comberton, Brightlampton, Byrlyngham, Chaddesley, Pendefen, Morton Castell, Morton Castell

reparand to the toune of Ediburgh, may be invadit, persewit, or troublit be evil avisit persounis being in the Castellof Edinburgh be schot of gvn. that thairfor the capitane of the said castell suffir of ony or our Souerane

1308 on strength of prov., on same day the king issued prohibition in favour of rights of Philip Kyme, who claimed to be patron. After dispute, in course of which Harrington excommunicated, he res. in favour of Sutton who adm.

of Derby list 67 19 M. Henry Huse list 67 20 *Bartholomew de Castell' list 67 21 M. Simon de Micham list 67 22 *M. Geoffrey of Aspall list 67 23 Reymund de Rading list 67 24 *M. Ralph

name Date of inception of market The date of the charter, grant or first recorded mention of the market First recorded instance of a market 600-1100 1101-1200 1201-1300 1301-1400 1401-1516 Date of inception of fair The date of the charter,

heirafter, vnder the payne of birning of thair cheiks and banesing of the towne for all the dayes of thair lyfe; and als that all maner of personis indwellares in this towne clenge all fifth of saiges and vther filth

act of Parliament, that micht mak ony derogatioun to the saidis provisionis. Exceptand alwayes and Reserveand the Castellof Sanctandrois and Castell yairdis of the samin, disponit to George Erle of Dunbar vpon the resignatioun of George Archibischop of Sanctandrois,

Rolfe. Quitclaim of the manors of Haughton, 'Heigheoffeley' and Dokesey co. Stafford, and of 84 acres of land, 26 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood, 8 acres of heath and 24 s . 4 d . of rent in

to have consecrate one Master Lewys of Beamount Bysshop of Durham they were robbyd upon the more of Wynglesdome, of whiche robrye Syr Gylbert of Mytton was atteynt, take, drawne, hangyd, hys hed smyt of, and quarterde. And the same

Columbar'. Memorandum quod die Sabati proxima ante Nativitatem Sancti Johannis Baptiste erat abbas de Warda Dei expeditus apud Xancton'; qui eodem die iter suum arripuit eundo in nuncium regis usque reges Aragund' et de Castell' et usque comitem Tholos'. Teste.

securum conductum vestrum concedere velitis. Teste rege apud Xancton', xij. die Julii. Consimiles litteras habet Johannes Elye directas regi de Castell', quem rex mittit ad partes illas pro quatuor equis emendis. Rex Galfrido de la Launde, salutem. Mandamus vobis rogantes

1 518). Complaint by Wymondeswold about intrusion, 16 Oct. ( Reg. of S. Langham , ed. A. C. Wood (Canterbury and York Soc., liii) p. 57). D. of Adam of York before 18 May 1370 (Reg. Thoresby f. 68), Henry

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