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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse icon

The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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cite of Cayphas, þat sum men callez þe Castellof Pilgrimes. And fra þeine to Ierusalem er iii. day iournez, in þe whilk men schall ga thurgh Cesaria Philippi, and so to Iaffe and Rames and þe castellofEmaus,

CHAPTER XI [Of the temple of oure Lord; of the crueltee of kyng Heroud ; of the mount Syon; of Probatica Piscina; and of Natatorium Siloe. ] FRA þe kirke of þe sepulcre, toward þe est, ane aght score passez

under oure signet at my Lordes Castellof Wyndesore the xix day of August the xxj yere of my said lordes Reigne. To our trusty and welbeloved the maistre fforster of oure fforest of Blakmore, and to all other fforsters

His loue to hir anone he kaste than, And in-to the Castell forthwith he cam; As sone as he might it doo, To the highe palais he gan goo: Of oon daie hym thoughte ten, That he ne might see

apostyll of oure sauyoure. And þer is þe graue of Absolone, Of kynge Josaphat & of Ysayone; All , saue þe graue of Absolone, Is transtorrentem Sedrone, And vnder þat ley þe same tre That þe crosse was made of,

Middle English Grammar Corpus icon

Middle English Grammar Corpus

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we ar fully accordit & Thir witnes John of Strothir & Rob er t of horsley Wrytyn Jn ye New Castellof Tyne ye ix day of June ye third 3ere of oure lorde ye kyng henry ye fyfte .

y-won þe town of kerm er dyn and wygmor constable of þe castell hadd y-3eld op þe castellof kerm er d to Oweyn ; and han y-brend þe town and y-slayedge of the letter of men of town mor

made the fourt day of Appryll the yere of oure lorde Kyng henry the sext the fourt beres wytnes that s ir Rob er t of Ogle knyght hase put the safgarde of the Castellof Berwyk rbd3 words/rbd to

be atto ur nay be the wyll of herr of heydlam som-tyme was lorde of lortyngton of all the landes & te n n y t the sayd herr hade in the tovne of Staynton in the kerres besyde Bernard+castell

y e Fest of Saynt Mich ael is Arcangell y e yer off our lo ur d god M l . CCCC . xxxv . be-twene . s er Cristofir of Curwen Chr . lo ur d of Canyell &

Manuscripts of the West Midlands icon

Manuscripts of the West Midlands

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year of Henry V copied in one hand. ff. 1r-5r List of chapters/Table of contents 'Old englonde was first callid albyon'. 'and how king henry the v the went þe secunde tyme ynto normanyde and of the sege of roone.

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