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The Middle English Dictionary

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were þey hosteld [Petyt: ostiled] boþe. c1330(?a1300) Guy(2) Auch p.586 Pilgrim..To court wende þou hom wiþ me, & ostel þer al niȝt. a1500(a1460) Towneley Pl. Hnt HM 1 348/263 To Emauscastell can thai pas, ther hostyld thai all thre.

453 Willielmus Fuster. (1431) Feudal Aids 2 422 Johannes Fuster. a1450 Cat.Plays Yk. p.xxvi Sellers, Verrours, Fuystours. 1607(?a1425) Chester Pl. Hrl 2124 7/156 The saddlers and ffusterers shoulde in their pagent declare the Appearances of Christe, his travayle to Emaus.

7 59 Whyte Castell sope. a1450-a1500(1436) Libel EP Warner 55 Commodytes..commynge oute of Spayne..Bene fygues, raysyns..Whyte Castell sope and wax. c1450 Med.Bk.(1) Med-L 136 314/1037 Tak iij angylltwacches..& a peny wyȝt of white sope of the best ofcastell sope.

5.543a Th'offices of keping of the Artellerye within oure Castellof Carnervan. (1473) RParl. 6.96a For th'office and kepyng of oure Castellof Bamburgh. a1500(c1400) Emare Clg A.2 341 Þe kyngus steward dwelled þer by-syde In a kastelle of mykylle

fortalice n. OF fortelesse , ML fortalitia . Fortified place, fortress, stronghold. c1450(c1425) Brut-1419 Cmb Kk.1.12 384/17 Þe Castellof Bayons, with oþer tounez, fortalicez, & villagez.

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British History Online

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d . 905 Robert Castell, 'pewetrer' of Somersham co. Huntingdon, to John Robertson, 'wever' of London, his executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels in Somersham aforesaid and elsewhere within the realm and of all debts to

inhabitantis of the citie of Glasgow ar sindrie tymes chargeit [etc., in terms similar to No. LXVI. ] Gevin vnder oure signet, and subscriuit with oure hand at our castellof Striueleing the sext day of Februare, and of oure

LXVIII Letters of James VI confirming LXVI (1578) LXVIII. Letters by King James VI. in terms similar to No. LXVI. Stirling, 27 July 1578. Rex. We, vnderstanding that diuers of the inhabitantis of the citie of Glasgw ar sindrie

meddle no further with the manors of 'Parkhalle' by 'Castell Bromwych' and Pedemore, eight messuages, four carucates of land, 100 acres of meadow, 40 acres of wood and 10 l . of rent in 'Castell Bromwych,' Sutton in Colefelde, Crudworth,

of þ e Cronacioun of Quene Kateryne and of Service. Fyrst, the quene sate in hir astate, and the Erchebysshoppe of Caunterbury and the Bysshoppe of Wynchester satte upon the righ[t ] honde of the quene, and the Kynge

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Middle English Grammar Corpus

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we ar fully accordit & Thir witnes John of Strothir & Rob er t of horsley Wrytyn Jn ye New Castellof Tyne ye ix day of June ye third 3ere of oure lorde ye kyng henry ye fyfte .

y-won þe town of kerm er dyn and wygmor constable of þe castell hadd y-3eld op þe castellof kerm er d to Oweyn ; and han y-brend þe town and y-slayedge of the letter of men of town mor

made the fourt day of Appryll the yere of oure lorde Kyng henry the sext the fourt beres wytnes that s ir Rob er t of Ogle knyght hase put the safgarde of the Castellof Berwyk rbd3 words/rbd to

be atto ur nay be the wyll of herr of heydlam som-tyme was lorde of lortyngton of all the landes & te n n y t the sayd herr hade in the tovne of Staynton in the kerres besyde Bernard+castell

y e Fest of Saynt Mich ael is Arcangell y e yer off our lo ur d god M l . CCCC . xxxv . be-twene . s er Cristofir of Curwen Chr . lo ur d of Canyell &

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 icon

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858

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clerk Employment: monk of the monastery of Durham Location: Durham : city Place(s): Priory of Durham (monasterium Dunelm') : religious house Participant: Robert Walworth [de Walworth] Role: witness Details: male; clerk Employment: monk of the monastery of Durham Location: Durham

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