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The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales icon

The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales

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schende Is compleynyng how many oon may men fynde The ende of þi werk or of þi lustes blynde Nought oonly þat þou fayntest mannes mynde O foule lust of luxurie lo þin ende And þus haþ crist vnwemmed kept

she this wey vnto the Castell holde And as she wold ouer the thresshold gon The Marquys cam and gan hir for to calle And she set doū hir water pot anon Byside the thresshfold of this oxes stalle And

and bi resoun The emprentyng of hir consolacioun Thurgh which hir gret sorwe gan asswage She may nat alwey duren in swich rage And eke Arueragus in al this care Hath sent hir lettres hom of his welfare And that

Emelya Of yren gret and square as any sparre That þorugh a wyndow þikke of many a barre And so byfell by auenture or caas , That he was born ful ofte seide allas And to himself compleignyng of his

of hir body for to twynne Hire to deliuer of wo þat sche was Inne He fond also þe tresour þat sche brought In hire langage mercy sche bisought And fond þis wery wōman ful of care The Constable

of þe feendes snare Custance answerde sir it is cristes might And sayde what amounteþ al þis fare The Constable wax abaisshed of þat sight The wille of crist as dought er of his cherche This lady wax affrayed

in þe Castell non so hardy was That ony while dorste þerinne endur Fro his Conestable as ȝe schal after heere The lettre spak þe queen deliuered was Of so horrible a feendlich creature Vnto þe king direct of þis

traitour was to hire ligeance , The effect is þis þat alla out of drede But in what wise certeinly I not And all þe venym of þe cursed dede And þus by witt and subtil enqueryng Ymagined was by

is quod sche of heye tourys of greete edifices , MElibeus answerede seyde , certis I vndyr stonde it in this wyse , That I schal war nestore myn hous , with touris sweche as han castell othere manere edifices

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