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were þey hosteld [Petyt: ostiled] boþe. c1330(?a1300) Guy(2) Auch p.586 Pilgrim..To court wende þou hom wiþ me, & ostel þer al niȝt. a1500(a1460) Towneley Pl. Hnt HM 1 348/263 To Emauscastell can thai pas, ther hostyld thai all thre.

453 Willielmus Fuster. (1431) Feudal Aids 2 422 Johannes Fuster. a1450 Cat.Plays Yk. p.xxvi Sellers, Verrours, Fuystours. 1607(?a1425) Chester Pl. Hrl 2124 7/156 The saddlers and ffusterers shoulde in their pagent declare the Appearances of Christe, his travayle to Emaus.

7 59 Whyte Castell sope. a1450-a1500(1436) Libel EP Warner 55 Commodytes..commynge oute of Spayne..Bene fygues, raysyns..Whyte Castell sope and wax. c1450 Med.Bk.(1) Med-L 136 314/1037 Tak iij angylltwacches..& a peny wyȝt of white sope of the best ofcastell sope.

5.543a Th'offices of keping of the Artellerye within oure Castellof Carnervan. (1473) RParl. 6.96a For th'office and kepyng of oure Castellof Bamburgh. a1500(c1400) Emare Clg A.2 341 Þe kyngus steward dwelled þer by-syde In a kastelle of mykylle

fortalice n. OF fortelesse , ML fortalitia . Fortified place, fortress, stronghold. c1450(c1425) Brut-1419 Cmb Kk.1.12 384/17 Þe Castellof Bayons, with oþer tounez, fortalicez, & villagez.

prisen v.(2) From prise n.(1). To seize (sth.), capture. a1500(?c1450) Merlin Cmb Ff.3.11 670 Pharien of Trebes and leonce of Paierne com that wey for to prise [F prendre] the Castell.

raungership n. From raunger n. The office of forester. (1464) RParl. 5.533b Provided also that this Acte..extend not nor be prejudiciall in any wyse unto..the Office of the Raungership of the Chace of oure said Castell.

bougeron n. Cp. bougre n. A heretic. 1532(?a1400) RRose Thynne 7022 If there be castell or cytee Wherin that any bougerons [Htrn: begger; OF bogre] be, Al though that they of Myllayne were.

chastelenie n. OF The district belonging to a castle; ?the lordship of a castle. (1434) Proc.Privy C. 4.246 He desireth to be granted unto hym..þe castell, chastellenie, and þe towne of Jensac.

constable-wike n. Cp. constable & wike office. Governorship (of a castle). (c1465) Cart.Tropenell in BGAS 23 200 The office of constablewyke of the Castellof Trobrigge in the counte of Wilteshire.

of or in any Graunt be us unto hym made, of thoffice of the Portership of the Castellof Rutland, with the wages of iiiii d. by day. (1450) RParl. 5.198a The office of Portership of oure Castell yate

306 Thanne come messageris of the kyngis..and bad hem high faste to Bayous..a stronge toune with a Castell and strongly subarbid and myghti; thanne weren the englisshe lordis loggid alle aboute this toune of Bayous, with the Castell [and] subarbis.

vitaillement n. OF The providing of food and drink or other necessities of life for soldiers, or the supplies of such food, drink, etc. (1453) RParl. 5.235b For the suerte and saufgarde of the Towene and Castellof Cales with

From parker n. The office or position of parker. (1461) RParl. 5.473a This Acte..extend the seid William of the Offices of Constableship of oure Castellof Rostormell, and Parkership of the same Castell. (1464) Doc. in Collect.Topogr.3 269 Any

office of governor or warden of a castle; office of . (1438) Proc.Privy C. 5.89 Þe constableship & stewardship of þe castel. (1461) RParl. 5.473a The Officers of Constableship of oure Castellof Rostormell, and Parkership of the same Castell.

enheritesoun n. Prob. OF . Hereditary possession. 1543(1464) Hardyng Chron.B Grafton 249 Kyng Stephan then bet the castell doune..His menne thei [vr. them] gaue to their enheritesoun, And all foon..He disherite with might violence.

revenaunt adj. OF revenant , ppl. of revenir . Pleasing, attractive. a1450 Parton.(1) UC C.188 5835 He..entered the Castell, Where he fonde alle such semblaunt..and alle reuenaunt Of wex and napery full fayre aray, Vessell of golde.

infoundren v. From foundren v. (1). To fall in, collapse. (c1460) Let.Sou. in Sou.RS 22 Sou SC.2/9/2 22 Wher of olde tyme the Donjon of the seide Castell had a fayre well, it is nowe infoundred & withoute water.

beatitude n. OF & L Blessedness. a1500 I haue nowe sett Trin-C R.4.20 16 Castellof clennes I hyr call, that beldith in beatitude. 1607(?a1425) Chester Pl. Hrl 2124 9/9 My beames be all beatytude; all blisse is in my

viscounte , var. ofOF visconte . The jurisdiction of a viscount or the territory under his jurisdiction. (1417) Let.War France in Bk.Lond.E. Gldh LetBk I & K 67/10 This day was yolden vn-to vs the Castellof Touque the

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