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we ar fully accordit & Thir witnes John of Strothir & Rob er t of horsley Wrytyn Jn ye New Castellof Tyne ye ix day of June ye third 3ere of oure lorde ye kyng henry ye fyfte .

y-won þe town of kerm er dyn and wygmor constable of þe castell hadd y-3eld op þe castellof kerm er d to Oweyn ; and han y-brend þe town and y-slayedge of the letter of men of town mor

made the fourt day of Appryll the yere of oure lorde Kyng henry the sext the fourt beres wytnes that s ir Rob er t of Ogle knyght hase put the safgarde of the Castellof Berwyk rbd3 words/rbd to

be atto ur nay be the wyll of herr of heydlam som-tyme was lorde of lortyngton of all the landes & te n n y t the sayd herr hade in the tovne of Staynton in the kerres besyde Bernard+castell

y e Fest of Saynt Mich ael is Arcangell y e yer off our lo ur d god M l . CCCC . xxxv . be-twene . s er Cristofir of Curwen Chr . lo ur d of Canyell &

t he makeþ of þe endynge of þe world . 3if þe wordis of danyel han autorite as god seiþ þat þei han it sufficeþ of þ e no umbre of þ e 3eeris of þe ende of þe world

shall have a infefment to þ e valow of . v . marke to term of liffe for a relesse to be hade of þ e saide Dame Eli3abeth of hir third of þ e said land tenament With þ

lincoln Castell Wherfore J besech yo ur gode lordship in þis mat er to be my gode lord and at it please yo ur gode lordship to write a+lett er to the Kep er e of the Castellof lincoln

also will a m of pull in ye weke vij galons of ale & vij loves hewe of worthyngton a galon of ale & half a love & his felyship Thomas of ye wod a quart of ale & his

warde of and gouernaunce of s ir henry Erle of lancas- tre his cosyn for saluacion of his body . and he taken oute of the castellof kenelworth there that he was in warde and throgh colour of qwene

& þe boundes of þe landes & tenementes of þe saide Abbott & Couent w t in þe towne of Dalton . And þe lande & tenement es of þe sayde lordes w t in þe towne of Lese .

[this is the] reward of John Prio ur of Doresme & Th Prio ur of tynmouth wyth the consent of John Prio ur of gisburgh is this that John Maners forto have gode lordship & Maystership of the hyer estates

viij yere of his Regne s er Edmu n de of langele erle of Cawmebrygge þe kinge3 vncle wente vn-to Portingale with a Fayre mayne of men of Arme3 and Archers yn helpyng & streyngthyng of þe king of Portyngale

and of alle the landes of this halfe the Mount of Gorth And al so þer wer of his owne lande that es to saye of mechel Brittaygne And al so of Cornwaille and of walles and of jrland of

of þe ly nage of troye þat were comyn of grete kynne and of grete blode as þe story telleþ bothe of wymmen and of children . þe wiche weren kepte in thraldome and bondage . vnder kynge pandras

of Pese be auctorite of the Comon Gyld of the forsaid town the sext day of Marce Jn the 3er of our lord M l . CCCC m e lix . And in the 3er of y e Regn

to gon And say he shall haue grete wone Of hors of golde & of ryches The kynge of france myght none oþ er do þen For he hade no pour of men Nowe his alyance & all his kyne

of Jer usa l e m ; whar dauid and Salamon wer kynges ye kyngedom . of Surry of whilke ye citee of damase was chefe . ye+kyngdom of auayle in ye lande of damey . and ye kyngdome

thrid es of his flessh sa fraward the fierth and þe fyft of þe world er twa þat an of welthe þat othir of wa þe sext of wikked men and felle and þe seuenth of þe fend of helle

yowe diu er se lettre3 of þ e whilk in an yhe leete me wete of conand indentide be twix yowe & your cosyn s ir Alex of þ e office of þ e Bailyery of Coldyngham in þ e

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