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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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cite of Cayphas, þat sum men callez þe Castellof Pilgrimes. And fra þeine to Ierusalem er iii. day iournez, in þe whilk men schall ga thurgh Cesaria Philippi, and so to Iaffe and Rames and þe castellofEmaus,

CHAPTER XI [Of the temple of oure Lord; of the crueltee of kyng Heroud ; of the mount Syon; of Probatica Piscina; and of Natatorium Siloe. ] FRA þe kirke of þe sepulcre, toward þe est, ane aght score passez

under oure signet at my Lordes Castellof Wyndesore the xix day of August the xxj yere of my said lordes Reigne. To our trusty and welbeloved the maistre fforster of oure fforest of Blakmore, and to all other fforsters

His loue to hir anone he kaste than, And in-to the Castell forthwith he cam; As sone as he might it doo, To the highe palais he gan goo: Of oon daie hym thoughte ten, That he ne might see

apostyll of oure sauyoure. And þer is þe graue of Absolone, Of kynge Josaphat & of Ysayone; All , saue þe graue of Absolone, Is transtorrentem Sedrone, And vnder þat ley þe same tre That þe crosse was made of,

oute of mountalban wythoute the leve of Reynawde, and wythoute the knowledge of ony of the castell / excepte of the porter. And wyte it, that the sayd maugys wente soo longe that he came to the ryver of Dordonne

þat cytee of Damasce þer is gret plentee of welles And within the cytee & withoute ben many fayre gardynes & of dyuerse frutes. Non oþer cytee is not lyche in comparisoun to it of faire gardynes & of faire

s church of a croft of the prebend of Walter , arch|deacon. HENRY , by the grace of god Kyng of Inglond Duke of Normandye And of gyen and Erle of Aungy, to Hugh Hugh of Plugenet, lord of Heading

orig. h. iv. back. / he sholde be free of all maner of duytes the space of X yeres. Thenne whan the folke of the countrey knewe the fredome of the castell / ye sholde have see come there /

July , which was the Thursday after Langforth came to Stonor . Langforth was probably the son of Edward Langford , the writer of No. 119. From A.C. , xlvi, 73. Syr, I recommende me to ȝow. Plesyth ȝow to

Maistres of our Nurcery, her annuitee of v. marcs, graunted for terme of her lyff of the Manor of Drayton , and advise them, as they woll avoid our grevouse displeasure, to see her aswele þerof yerely contented as of

delyvered a bill to Herry Tye of suche gownes as I wold have for þis Ester . And I beseche oure blessed lord preserve you. From the Castellof Taunton þe xxvij day of Februarer. Your new wyf Anne Stonor

XIII [Of the prouince of Galilee , and where Antecrist schall be born; of Nazareth ; of the age of oure Lady; of the day of doom; and of the customes of Jacobites, Surryenes; and of the vsages of Georgyenes.

to þe utterest of my power, that knoweth our blessed Lord, whome I beseche to preserve you in long helthe and prosperous filicite. Scribled at þe Castellof Taunton , þe xv th dai of Maii, One of your servaunts,

was lorde of theim echone. ' Sir, ' quoth Guy , ' vnderstonde me. The lorde, that made bothe sonde and see, The saue and blisse euermo, In-to what contree that ye goo. I am a knyght of farre contree,

Mawgys wente vpon the grete towre of Mountalban / And dyd sette the dragon of Rowlande vpon the same / soo that the folke of the oost of both 5 sydes of the castell myght see it. 5 5—5 que

to þe ile of Cophos, Cos , another name for Lango, the birthplace of Hippocrates. and so by þe ile of Lango, of whilk iles Ypocras was sum tyme lorde. And sum saise þat in þe ile of Lango es

& vnderstande how it befell of the four sones of Aymon, that were enmyes of the emperour Charlemayne, kyng of Fraunce . For the same tyme kyng Charlemayne had banysshed theym oute of the royame of fraunce, and made all

of Cudelynton, of Weston , of Cleydon, of Hokenorton, of chesterton; Also of Henry Doylly the firste and of Henry and Robert the soonys of hym and also of the yifte of John of Seynte John and of Bernarde

' þe sege of þ e castellof oxonforde of Kyng sthephyn, þe which moolde themperice in þe saide castell longe segid, was beeldid þe chapell of Seynte thomas (for þe parisshons of Seynte George in-to þe castell myȝht not

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