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of his disciples. cleophas & another in the liknes of a pilgryme & spake with them of his deth & of his passion / butt they knewe him nat And at euen whanne they came to the castell.of

with two of his dyscyplesCleophas & an other in the lyknesseof a pylgryme & spake with them ofhis deth and of his passyon / but theyknewe hym not. And at euen whanthey came to ye castellofEmaus / hefayned

to warde y• castel ofEmaus ca lvi. THe selfe daye of resur¦reccōn as ii. dysciples of Jhū yeden towarde ye cast¦el Emaus. & mornyng: and in maner of despayr talkin¦ge togyd{er} by the waye of yt befell the fridaye

Of alle the apperynges of our lord Jhesus in general. Capitulum lxi.Of the assency on of oure lord Jhesus. Capitulum lxii.Of the sendynge doune. and the comynge of the holy ghoost Capitulum. lxiii.Of that excellente and moost worthy sacrament

dome shold be re∣pelled or chaunged Victor the sonne of maximus the tyraunt was slayne of one Arbogastes / Aboute that tyme was a childe y bore in the catel ofemaus that hadde twey bodyes fro the na¦uel vpward

woman of Samarye. There is bethel where as the peple of Isahel worshipped the calf of god ayenst the wylle of oure lord / There is Sebaste whiche is named seynt Iohan de sabaste· There is the sepulcre of seynt

yt wer in the castellof Estreuelin yt wos well vetaled &̄ astorid for vij. yere.¶How the castellof estreuelin wos beseged.KYng Edward come with an huge pouer to the castellof estreuelin and beseged the castell. but it litell

& harnes &̄ ▪iiij. dais of respip for to deli¦uer clenly the castellof them self and of all other man{er} thīg as th¦ey had with ī ye castell & so they wēt frō the castell And sir Simō¦de the

chirche The j is thexercitaciō of vj werkis of mercy & ye fulfyllyng of ye x cōmademēts of ye lawe / for sixti make six sithes ten. And by six be vnderstond the vj werkes of mercy / and by

to the castellof Tyntagell and shall haue all your wyll of thatlady¶Howe Vter bigate on Igerne that was the Erles wif ofCornewaille Arthur kyng Ca.lxxjMErlyn thurgh craft that he coude chāged the kynges figu¦in to the likenesse of the

that were in the castell ofEstreuelyne that was well vitailled & astored for vij. yere¶How the castellof Estreuelyne was beseged ¶Ca.C.lxxijHYng Edward come with an huge power to the Castell ofEstreuelyn & beseged the castell but it litell a

the duke of Clarence &̄ made him capitatn both of the toūe and also of the castell and made him Capitayn of bai¦ous and of all the othir tounes also. ¶And so he entrid thee toune and the castell and

the kīg & held with the lordis of en¦glond. & notheles the kīg by help & socour of mē of londō &̄ also of help of southeren men gat the castell maugre of them all that wer therin &̄ toke

trinite sonday / he toke ye castellof Reigate. ād in the mor∣we aftyr the castellof Gilford. ād the friday next aftyr the castellof Farneham. ād the monday next aftyr the cite of wynchestre to hȳ was yolde

in the castellof Estrenelyne that was well vytailled & astored for vij / yere¶How the castellof Estreneline was besieged Capi. ClxxijKyng Edward came wyth an huge power to the cas¦tell of Estrenelyn & besie∣ged the castell: but it

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