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formed by a dragon and a lion, of John writing on a tablet and the dove of the Holy Spirit approaching to his ear, at the beginning of the prologue to John. Fourth volume of a set of Glossed Gospels;

Historiated initial 'I'(n principio) of John holding a book, at the beginning of John. Catchwords and quire and bifolium signatures. 2 historiated initials in colours, at the beginning of the two Gospels (ff. 2, 121v), and 2 foliate initials with

Drawing of John the Baptist with holding a disk depicted with a lamb, with Salome under his feet and two lions at his sides. Includes the Summa logicae et naturalis philosophiae of John Dumbleton (d. 1349?), fellow of Merton College,

decorated in red ink; large and small red initials, many decorated with foliate or geometric patterns. Liturgy of John Chrysostom, imperfect ? John Jackson (d. 1794), antiquary: his sale, 28 April, 1784, lot 337, possibly bought by Chapman for 2s.Charles

dominus de Manchestre' [John, 4th baron De la Warr, (b. c.1345, d. 1398), his cousin], John de Waltham (d. 1395), bishop of Salisbury, John, lord Ross of Hamlake, Sir William de Skipwith (b. c.1320, d. before 1398), John de Ravensere,

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Manuscripts of the West Midlands

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five manuscripts of mainly Latin texts but including a short English grammar which has a Staffordshire dialect. It also contains John Mirk's Instructions to Parish Priests although this text has been allocated a Northamptonshire dialect. f. 1r-9r 'Dicciones Psalterii' Explanation

lemperour'. French Stengel 1871, 2; Hunt 1990, pp. 100-41, see especially pp. 104-5, 140-1. ff. 21r-26v The Letter of Prester John 'Ci comence la lettre ke prestre iohan enuea a la pape de roume'. 'Prestres iohans par la grace deu

disciple'. Translation into French of the Elucidarius of Honorius Augustodunensis. French Meyer 1956, pp. 117-118. ff. 46v-51v Letter from Prester John to the emperor Frederic (Barbarossa) 'Prestre iohans par la grace de ihesu crist rois'. French ff. 52r-64r Robert Grosseteste

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1, p. 2. Hanna, R. 2002. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Medieval Manuscripts of St. John ’ s College, Oxford , Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 7-8. McIntosh, A., Samuels, M. L. and Benskin, M.

a crowke and thomas'- f. 109r. Perhaps Sir Thomas Ragland, originally of Carnlwdd in Llanarvan, Glamorganshire eldest son of Sir John Ragland of Carnlwdd knighted in 1513 and lord of Redwick, Monmouthshire in 1520. Hill 1963, p. 209. F. 47r

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