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The Taxatio Database

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PREBENDA MAGISTRI JOHANNIS CLARELL Benefice of PREBEND OF JOHN CLARELL (YK.NT.SW.02) £ 36. 13s. 4d. PREBEND OF JOHN CLARELL null (pat.) PREB N/A If appropriated No Full entry £ 36. 13s. 4d. 55

Prebenda I. Brun Benefice of PREBEND OF JOHN BRUN (DA.DA.PB.20) £ 2. 0s. 0d. (prebend, canonry, or dignity, of secular college, of uncertain composition) PREBEND OF JOHN BRUN (pat.) ecclesiatical Not app. If appropriated No Full entry 1 Lincolnshire

PORCIO JOHANNIS DE LACY Benefice of BISHOP AUCKLAND PORTION 3 (DU.DU.AU.04) £ 16. 13s. 4d. (portion) JOHN DE LACY £ 16. 13s. 4d. If appropriated No Full entry £ 16. 13s. 4d. 25

PORCIO JOHANNIS DE LONDON Benefice of BISHOP AUCKLAND PORTION 10 (DU.DU.AU.11) £ 16. 0s. 0d. (portion) JOHN DE LONDON £ 16. 0s. 0d. If appropriated No Full entry £ 16. 0s. 0d. 24

PORCIO JOHANNIS DE METINGHAM Benefice of DARLINGTON PORTION 3 (DU.DU.DR.04) £ 16. 13s. 4d. (portion) JOHN DE METINGHAM £ 16. 13s. 4d. If appropriated No Full entry £ 16. 13s. 4d. 25

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British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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Long, Baron Farnborough (b. 1761, d. 1838), a cousin of Francis Henry Egerton, 8th Earl of Bridgewater (b. 1756, d. 1829), founder of the collection. Paraphs John le Breton (index Johannes Breton; John Brito; Johannes Britton, John Bretun)(attributed to) England

Rosa medicinae. The Rosa medicinae was written by John Gaddesden while he was at Oxford, probably between 1302 and 1317. This copy is one of 13 known surviving manuscripts. Large and smaller initials in blue with red foliate pen-flourishing. Paraph

beginning of the Gospel of John. There is an offset of an illuminated initial on ff. v verso and 1. Plain red Initials. Decorated catchwords. Gospel of John, in the later Wycliffite version Rev. John Price (b. c.1694 d. 1751):

(ff. 26-43) The Cistercian abbey of St Mary, Buckfast, Devon: see Ker 1964.Inscription with the name John Fox (f. 34v)Inscriptions: 'John Sgacton (?), 'John Shabeton' (?) (ff. 1, 221).Sir Hans Sloane (b. 1660, d. 1753), baronet, physician and collector. Purchased

at the beginning of John of Wales Summa Iustitiae. Large initials in red, many with brown pen-flourishing. Paraphs in red. Highlighting of letters in red. Small marginal drawing in ink, most with red (e.g., ff. 63, 64, 71v). Summa Iustitiae

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Manuscripts of the West Midlands

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five manuscripts of mainly Latin texts but including a short English grammar which has a Staffordshire dialect. It also contains John Mirk's Instructions to Parish Priests although this text has been allocated a Northamptonshire dialect. f. 1r-9r 'Dicciones Psalterii' Explanation

inscription tells us that after the book was bought for St. Mary's Priory, Coventry it was added to by Brother John of Grenborough. Various medical texts were then added over the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. Two separate books of

London, British Library, MS Additional 37787, f. 71r. Latin ff. 95r-97r Prayer with note of 6,000 years' indulgence from Pope John. Latin Codex Parchment 165 120 mm 1 8 , ff. 71r-78v; 2 8 , ff. 79r-86v; 3 8 ,

181, and single leaves after ff. 67, 83, 96, 135, 142, 164, 192. Unknown Fifteenth/sixteenth century: John Barns - f. 21, 61v, 106v - John (Ihon, Yon, Yan) Barns. Nineteenth century: Robert Higgins - f. 1r 'From the library of

disciple'. Translation into French of the Elucidarius of Honorius Augustodunensis. French Meyer 1956, pp. 117-118. ff. 46v-51v Letter from Prester John to the emperor Frederic (Barbarossa) 'Prestre iohans par la grace de ihesu crist rois'. French ff. 52r-64r Robert Grosseteste

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The Auchinleck Manuscript

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þere., Anon ase þe apostles seghen,, Seint John wep wiȝ his eghen,, þai weren amaid alle., ‘John’ quad Peter ‘leue fere,, Whi makst þous foule chere,, What is þe bifalle?’, ‘Peter’ quad John ‘iwis,, Formest þou sschalt telle me þis:,

of other versions of the so-called Battle Abbey Roll and the relation between the Auchinleck text and that published by John Leland in his De Rebus Britannicis Collectanea, see Smyser and the study by the Duchess of Cleveland, who resided

Additional MS 36983. Manchester, John Rylands MS 45388 (Engl. 50). St John's College Cambridge MS 256. Bodleian Library MS 29430 (Additional C.220). Note: Morrill does not list four of the manuscripts (BL Add. 36983, Manchester John Rylands 45388, St John's

of the poem. A transcript of the opening 62 lines of a version of the poem was made by John Stow in the late 15th century, BL Harley MS 6223. A transcript of Auchinleck was made c.1800 for Sir Walter

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British Literary Manuscripts Online

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XIV Century Author(s) [John de Meun] Collection(s) Part One: Medieval Manuscripts from the Sloane and Additional Manuscripts, Section A Manuscript Number 2470 Source Library British Library, London Description A poem intitled " the Will" - written by John de Meun,

De Simplicitate Christianae Vitae, preceded by the Epistola, as in the Cologne edition, 1550, and followed by a sermon on John, iv, 1, preached on 9 June, 1495 (f.101). Volume from the library at Slains Castle. Notes on the manuscript

of the first three homilies is given (P.L., xciv, 34-36, 38-41, 22-23, 120-125). On ff. 89-90v is a homily on John, i. 1-2, apparently not by Bede, beg. 'Oportet nos, fratres karissimi', and ending 'Illud verbum, quod erat in principio

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