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British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts icon

British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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of John the Evangelist in Patmos, with a full border and a foliate initial 'S'(aint), at the beginning of the life of John. Miniatures were attributed to the Master of the Dresden Prayerbook (Brinkmann 1997), who also illuminated Sir John

that most of John Prise's religious manuscripts came from such houses.Sir John Prise (alias Sion ap Rhys, b. 1502 or 1503, d. 1555): 'John Prise: is Owner of this booke' (f. 2); cf. N. R. Ker, 'Sir John Prise', ~The

the various books John Harefinch, in 1708: inscriptions 'John Harefinch His Booke 1708', twice, and 'John Harefinch' (f. 274v); 'John Harefinch His Book' (ff. 19v, 20, 47); 'John Harefinch is owner of this book' (f. 74); John Harefinch is the

(?) (f. 88v); 'I tell you plyn of John Hanum [. . . ] (f. 102v); 'William Wylkensone' (f. 111v); 'Thomas Cowpland, John Bolton, Robert Spynk, Garry Jacson, James Loueden, Thomas Tomson, John Best, Richard Hilborn (f. 172); Harry bramam'

to 1430), including John Page's poem 'The Siege of Rouen' (imperfect) John Awdeley: inscribed, 15th century, 'Jho John Awdeley squier' (f. 152). perhaps the younger brother of James Tuchet, 7th baron Audley (c. 1463- 1497); this John married an illegitemate

The Auchinleck Manuscript icon

The Auchinleck Manuscript

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þere., Anon ase þe apostles seghen,, Seint John wep wiȝ his eghen,, þai weren amaid alle., ‘John’ quad Peter ‘leue fere,, Whi makst þous foule chere,, What is þe bifalle?’, ‘Peter’ quad John ‘iwis,, Formest þou sschalt telle me þis:,

of other versions of the so-called Battle Abbey Roll and the relation between the Auchinleck text and that published by John Leland in his De Rebus Britannicis Collectanea, see Smyser and the study by the Duchess of Cleveland, who resided

Additional MS 36983. Manchester, John Rylands MS 45388 (Engl. 50). St John's College Cambridge MS 256. Bodleian Library MS 29430 (Additional C.220). Note: Morrill does not list four of the manuscripts (BL Add. 36983, Manchester John Rylands 45388, St John's

of the poem. A transcript of the opening 62 lines of a version of the poem was made by John Stow in the late 15th century, BL Harley MS 6223. A transcript of Auchinleck was made c.1800 for Sir Walter

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