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of the Godhead; in prose. Imperfect. f.163. 41 41. The Abbey of the Holy Ghost, often, but erroneously, ascribed to John Alcock, Bishop of Ely; in prose. Imperfect at the beginning, f. 165. 42 42. "A good tretis that men

Date(s) XVIth cent. Author(s) [Ariosto, Sir John Harington] Collection(s) Additional Manuscript Number 18,920 Source Library British Library, London Description CANTOS XIV.-XLVI. of Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso," translated into English stanzas of ottava rima by Sir John Harington; with notes, etc. The

XIV Century Author(s) [John de Meun] Collection(s) Part One: Medieval Manuscripts from the Sloane and Additional Manuscripts, Section A Manuscript Number 2470 Source Library British Library, London Description A poem intitled " the Will" - written by John de Meun,

De Simplicitate Christianae Vitae, preceded by the Epistola, as in the Cologne edition, 1550, and followed by a sermon on John, iv, 1, preached on 9 June, 1495 (f.101). Volume from the library at Slains Castle. Notes on the manuscript

supposed (but apparently on insufficient grounds) by the late possessor, the Bishop of Lichfield, to have been transcribed by Sir John Harington. Small Quarto. Source Microfilm Collection British Literary Manuscripts from the British Library, London; Series I: English Renaissance: Literature

copied from a "wyndowe in glasse in the monasteri of Seynt Edmondesbury att the dissolution of the house; after by John Eyer Esquiar caused to (be) paynted as you se, in all poyntes like to same." f.84b. 7 7. Fragment

of the first three homilies is given (P.L., xciv, 34-36, 38-41, 22-23, 120-125). On ff. 89-90v is a homily on John, i. 1-2, apparently not by Bede, beg. 'Oportet nos, fratres karissimi', and ending 'Illud verbum, quod erat in principio

his patron on the same. f.96b. 27 27. Letter to... on the same; in Latin. f.97b. 28 28. Letter from John Duffeyld, the other candidate for the Rhetoric Lecture, to Mr. Remington, with Mr. Remington's note to Harvey thereupon. f.98b.

of columnes of Architecture: translated out of Latine into English by J.T."; with a dedication prefixed by Hans Woutneell to John Lund, merchant. ff26-37. Transcribed from the edition printed at London by Simon Stafford, for the widow of Hans Woutneell,

Westminster School, perhaps, or the house at Chiswick) that is not mentioned in the articles between Dr. A Busby and John Angier." f.12. 4 4. Fragment of an Essay on Ambition by W. B. f.14. 5 5. Proceedings at a

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