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appended, "quod Thomas Rytte," is probably only that of a scribe. In Sloaue 5, f. 18, is another translation by John Lelamour. The herbals in English printed by R. Wyer (undated) under the name Macer are a different work .

MS. known (Day, p. x). Beg. "Hayle bote of bale blissed qwene." f. 4 b. 3 3. Hymn to St. John the Baptist, in alliterative rhymed verse : ten 11-line stanzas, consisting of 8 long lines rhyming abababab, followed by

prose Life of St. Cuthbert (Migne, Palr. Lat. xciv. 733). f.2 b; (2) (2) Letter of Bede to the priest John, beg. "Domino in domino dominorum dilectissimo…Dici non potest dilectissime," i.e. the letter accompanying the metrical Life of S. Cuthbert

ix-x10, with signatures. The following names occur: Thomas Musgrave (f.4), Nicholas Berbour (f.68b, and f.111b) Edward Burbecke, Jane Lawson and John Empson. Presented by Dr Charles Morton, 15 Mar. 1757. "Uryne browne with a blake rynge is signe of dethe."

moral treatises, poems, etc., in Latin and English, viz.:— Paper and vellum; ff. 228. xvth cent. With book-plate of Rev. John Fuller Russell; and formerly belonging to Richard Heber (Sale, 1836, lot 821). The following names (17th-18th cent.) also are

of St. Dominio has the usual misleading reference (f. 95) to the French translator Jean de Vignay, "for I ffryour John of Renyngnayo translatour of this boke wolle no more put here," etc. (cf. Stowe MS. 51, f. 18 b,

no. iii of the collection: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) MISCELLANEOUS volume, largely in the hand of John Streech, canon of the Augustinian Priory of Kenilworth (ef. Add. MS. 35295, which was written about 1422). Lat Contents

On f. 1 is a note dated St. Gregory's even, York, from Henry Meggeson to "Mr. Savill" [ ? Sir John Savile, d. 1607] on sending him the book. 12th cent. marks of ownership "Liber sancte Trinitatis de Kir[k]haam" (f.

the Paston family of Paston, co. Norf.; 1440-1489. The present MSS. comprise the letters published, with some omissions, by Sir John Fenn in vols, i and ii of his Original Letters written during the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV

whom, 17 Aug. [1801?], fromG[eorge] Ellis is inserted at the beginning (f. ii). A later owner was Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, Bart., of Dogmersfield, co. Sontht. (sale-cat.1907, lot 186; bookplate of Dogmerslield Library inside cover). "God for hys grace

of the Godhead; in prose. Imperfect. f.163. 41 41. The Abbey of the Holy Ghost, often, but erroneously, ascribed to John Alcock, Bishop of Ely; in prose. Imperfect at the beginning, f. 165. 42 42. "A good tretis that men

Westminster School, perhaps, or the house at Chiswick) that is not mentioned in the articles between Dr. A Busby and John Angier." f.12. 4 4. Fragment of an Essay on Ambition by W. B. f.14. 5 5. Proceedings at a

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