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British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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in colours and gold (f. 4). Tract against clerks (ends imperfectly) Unidentified owner, 18th century: note attributing the tract to John Wycliffe (f. 1v). Thomas Thorpe, London bookseller: catalogue 1836, no. 1359; bought by Phillipps.Sir Thomas Phillipps (b. 1792, d.

White vine initial 'M'(ecenas) and, in the lower margin, the bookstamps of Pandolfo di Ricasoli and the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites in Florence. ff. 72-73 are parchment leaves. 2 large initials in gold with white vine decoration in

White vine initials 'N'(ec) and 'O' (Curas) at the beginning of the text. This manuscript was made in Florence c. 1440-c. 1450, according to unpublished notes of A. C. de la Mare at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 2 white

miniature of John writing on Patmos. For the first volume, see Harley 4381. 1 full-page miniature divided in four compartments with a large decorated initial and full foliate borders with dragons including 5 spaces for small miniatures in the corners

'Rex Regum', surrounded by the busts of twelve saints including John the Baptist, Jerome, and a bishop, with foliate extension of acanthus leaves and bezants. Cutting from a choir book John Matthew Gutch (b. 1776, d. 1861), journalist and author:

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Manuscripts of the West Midlands

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Shropshire (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin, 1986, vol. 1, p. 149). A fifteenth-century copy of John Mirk's Instructions for Parish Priests copied by John Holyns. ff. 1r-33v John Mirk Instructions for Parish Priests (IMEV 961 ) 'God seythe hymselfe as wretyn

218, LP 6960 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, vol. 4, p. 196). An early fifteenth-century copy of John Mirk's Festial . ff. 1r-32v John Mirk Festial (IPMEP 734 ) 'Ne dar þe noþyng drede'. 'grete peyne þu schalt childe bere

23v, ' John Longley ' (?Langley Green, extreme W. Worcs). See also Seymour 1966 for more details, p. 192. Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, March 2004. Bennett, J. A. W. 1954. The Rediscovery of Sir John Mandeville

ista anglie confinia ita quod fere omnes turbarentur in lectis'. Good. On f. 1r: ' John nycholas owethe this book' and again on f. 214v: 'John nycholas owethe this book 1576'. Other names on f. 214v: ' dominus thomas browne

Atlas Grid Reference: not mapped (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 239). A mid fifteenth-century copy of John Mirk's Festial . ff. 1r-164r John Mirk Festial (IPMEP 734 ) 'God maker of all þyng be at our begynnyng and ȝif

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