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Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 icon

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858

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libel; Has sentence Outcome:plaintiff, Agnes Barber, loses; plaintiff, Margaret Thwing wins; marriage between Margaret and John Kirkby to be solemnized in church. Date: 07/03/1438 — 16/04/1439 People & Places Participant: AgnesBarber [Barbour; Barebour] Role: plaintiff Details: female Location: York (Ebor')

Halsham (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Halsham (Halsham, Halseham, Halshame) : ecclesiastical parish Notes: Executrix of the testament of her late husband, Sir John Constable, knight. Participant: RandolphConstable [Constable] Role: witness Details: male; 36; esquire Location: Swine (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Swine (Swyne in Holdernes)

Role: witness Details: male; clerk Employment: rector of the parish church of York, St John (Delpike) Location: York, St John (delpike) (Yorkshire) Place(s): York, St John (Delpike) (Sanctus Johannes del Pyke) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: RichardThwaite [Thwaytes] Role: witness Details:

Institute GB 193 Court:Curia Ebor Case:Appeals (matrimonial, annulment) Details:24 Pieces; Has deposition; Has libel; Has sentence Outcome:Plaintiff, John Thornton wins; later appeal by John Dale Date: 13/07/1410 — 09/07/1411 People & Places Participant: JohnThornton [de Thorneton; Thorneton] Role: plaintiff Details:

Participant: RobertGripthorpe [Grypthorp; Gripthorp] Role: defendant Details: male Location: Wheldrake (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Wheldrake (Queldrik, Queldryk, Qweldryk) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: John Ragenhill [Ragenhill] Role: prosecution proctor Details: male Participant: JohnStanton [Stanton] Role: defence proctor Details: male; clerk Employment: proctor Participant:

Role: witness Details: female Location: York (Ebor') : undefined Participant: EllenStockton [Stokton] Role: witness Details: female; 24 Employment: servant of John Bedale, citizen and merchant of York Location: York (Ebor') : undefined Participant: MilesSmithies [de la Smythey] Role: witness Details:

(Lancashire) Place(s): Aughton (Aghton) : township Location: Blackburn (Lancashire) Place(s): Billington (Billyngton) : township Location: Lancashire Place(s): Chapelry of St John (capella Sancti Johannis del Stede) : chapelry Extra-parochial Location: Whalley (Lancashire) Place(s): Pendleton (Pendilton) : township Location: Lancaster (Lancashire)

chaplain Location: Kendal (Westmorland) Place(s): Kendal (Kyrkby Kendale, Kirkby in Kendall) : ecclesiastical parish Notes: Executor of the testament of John Collinson. Participant: Robert son of JohnCollinson [Colynson] Role: defendant Details: male Participant: JohnCollinson [Colynson; Colinson] Role: testator Details: male;

female Location: Burnby (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Burnby (Burnby) : undefined Participant: JohnWard [Warde; Ward] Role: defendant Details: male Employment: servant of John Birdsall of Burnby Participant: MargaretDalton [Dalton] Role: plaintiff Details: female Location: Burnby (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Burnby (Burnby) : undefined Participant:

undefined Participant: RobertRoper [Raper] Role: witness Details: male; 50 Location: Pickhill (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Pickhill (Pikhall, Pykhall) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: John Roper [Raper] Role: witness Details: male; 26; clerk Employment: chaplain, vicar of Pickhill Location: Pickhill (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Pickhill (Pikhall,

193 Court:undefined Case:Testamentary () Details:1 Pieces; No deposition; No libel; No sentence Outcome: Date: 1400 — 1499 People & Places Participant: EdwardProud [Proude] Role: plaintiff Details: male Participant: Role: defendant Details: undefined; executor of John Fence Notes: No name given

1499 People & Places Participant: William Role: plaintiff Details: male; clerk Employment: rector of Harewood Notes: No surname given. Participant: John Role: defendant Details: male; clerk Employment: vicar of Harewood Notes: No surname given Location: Harewood (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Harewood (Harwod)

Has deposition; No libel; Has sentence Outcome:plaintiff wins Date: 12/1405 — 14/11/1407 People & Places Participant: John Gilby [Gilby; Gylby] Role: plaintiff Details: male; clerk Employment: rector of Kneesall Location: Kneesall (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): Kneesall (ecclesia paroch' de Knesall) : ecclesiastical

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