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Instructions for Parish Priests by John Myrc: edited from Cotton MS. Claudius A. II , EETS, os, 31, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Tr ü bner. Peacock, E. ed. 1868. Instructions for Parish Priests by John Myrc , EETS, os, 31,

4. . Powell, S. 1991. ‘ John Mirk ‘ s Festial and the Pastoral Programme ’ , Leeds Studies in English , 22, 85-102. Wakelin, M. F. 1967. ‘ The Manuscripts of John Mirk ’ s Festial ’ ,

z-shaped ȝ used regularly. Body height: 2 mm. Illuminated by the scribe, John Lacy. Thirty-seven of forty-two miniatures survive. On f. 16v is a half-page miniature depicting John Lacy in his anchorhold watching the crucifixion (Hanna 2002, plate IV). Below

ff. 1r-2v John Trevisa 'Dialogus inter dominum et clericum'. 'Seþthe þat babyl was ybuld'. 'hys godhede & manhede. Explicit dialogus'. English preface on translation prefixed to Trevisa's translation. Printed in Waldron 1988, pp. 289-294. Perry 1924. f. 2v John Trevisa

Harley 1260, f. 166r. f. 69r-v Indulgence of Clement V for the gospel (curus evangelii) of St. John Latin ff. 69v-70r Indulgence of John XXII (1317) for the psalter of St. Mary. Latin ff. 70v-71r Memoriale for St. Mary 'De

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British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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the various books John Harefinch, in 1708: inscriptions 'John Harefinch His Booke 1708', twice, and 'John Harefinch' (f. 274v); 'John Harefinch His Book' (ff. 19v, 20, 47); 'John Harefinch is owner of this book' (f. 74); John Harefinch is the

to 1430), including John Page's poem 'The Siege of Rouen' (imperfect) John Awdeley: inscribed, 15th century, 'Jho John Awdeley squier' (f. 152). perhaps the younger brother of James Tuchet, 7th baron Audley (c. 1463- 1497); this John married an illegitemate

Miniature of Pope John XXII (the caption, identifying the figure as Pope John XXIII, is erroneous). f. [vi] is a paper flyleaf marked as f. 1. 30 three-quarter page miniatures in colours and gold with full borders. 30 initials in

16th century: inscribed several times with his name (ff. 34v, 59, 63, 81v, etc.).Listing of names, 16th century: 'John Hemys(?), John hill(?), John tomson(?), Robard Ward(?)' (f. 82).John McCarthy(?), 16th century: inscribed his name (f. 72v).Added tabula (f. 1) signed

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