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Manuscripts of the West Midlands icon

Manuscripts of the West Midlands

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Blandus', f. 127v; John lyenell : f. 1v - 'John lyenell'; John Russel : eighteenth century - f. 1v, 124v, 127v - 'John Russel'; John Pygyn eighteenth/nineteenth century - f. 1r, 1v, 2r, 127v - 'John pygyn'; John Legus :

4. . Powell, S. 1991. ‘ John Mirk ‘ s Festial and the Pastoral Programme ’ , Leeds Studies in English , 22, 85-102. Wakelin, M. F. 1967. ‘ The Manuscripts of John Mirk ’ s Festial ’ ,

Harley 1260, f. 166r. f. 69r-v Indulgence of Clement V for the gospel (curus evangelii) of St. John Latin ff. 69v-70r Indulgence of John XXII (1317) for the psalter of St. Mary. Latin ff. 70v-71r Memoriale for St. Mary 'De

kyngys of coleyne primo die Januare anno domini millesimo ccccxlij'. English prose abridgement of the Historia SS. Trium Regum of John of Hildesheim, c. 1400. The text is collated and described in Horstmann 1886. ff. 216ra-255ra Titus and Vespasian (IMEV

; f. 68v (eighteenth century) - Nicholas Berbour ; f. 111v (nineteenth century) - Edward Burbecke , Jane Lawson , John Empson ; ff. 108r-109r - recipes in the hand of Nicholas Watson , surgeon to Sir William Hylton ,

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 icon

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858

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of Joan Sherwod. Location: York (Ebor') : undefined Participant: RichardYork [York] Role: witness Details: male; 35 Location: York, St John (micklegate) (Yorkshire) Place(s): York, St John (Micklegate) (Sanctus Johannes Evangelista ad pontem Use) : ecclesiastical parish York (Ebor') : undefined

Place(s): Sheriff Hutton (Shirefhoton) : undefined Notes: Cannot identify the surname 'Stirtill' Participant: AliceStirtill [Stirtill] Alternate name: Alice wife of John Role: witness Details: female; 20 Location: Sheriff Hutton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Sheriff Hutton (Shirefhoton) : undefined Notes: Cannot identify the

24 Location: Patrington (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Patrington (Patryngton) : undefined Location: Beverley : town Place(s): BeverleyGuildhall of the Fraternity of St John the Baptist (aula gilde Sancti Johannis, coquina aule gilde Sancti Johannis Baptiste, aula gilde sive fraternitatis Beati Johannis Baptiste)

sentence is confirmed Date: 09/12/1455 — 09/07/1456 People & Places Participant: WilliamTurpin [Turpyn] Role: plaintiff Details: male Employment: servant of John Wright Location: Fishlake (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Fishlake (Fysshelake, Fisschelake) : undefined York (Ebor') : diocese Participant: WilliamYerwith [Yerwith; Yarwith; Yarewith;

libel; Has sentence Outcome:plaintiff, Agnes Barber, loses; plaintiff, Margaret Thwing wins; marriage between Margaret and John Kirkby to be solemnized in church. Date: 07/03/1438 — 16/04/1439 People & Places Participant: AgnesBarber [Barbour; Barebour] Role: plaintiff Details: female Location: York (Ebor')

British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts icon

British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

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in John of Arderne's Medical treatises. Scott 1996 p. 201 speculates that this manuscript was intended to travel as a physician's ~vade-mecum~. 4 full-page diagrams, in colours (ff. 108-109v). Numerous diagrams in the margins, in colours. Medical treatises, Fistula in

Illuminated initial 'A'(d honorem) at the beginning of John Somer's preface. Part 2 contains a preface by John Somer (ff. 1-2v), and a calendar (ff. 3v-9). The Psalter section (Part 1) includes a litany (ff. 138-143) and the Office of

alchemical symbols (ff. 17v-20; 30-37; 50v-51v; 65-66, 72v-75v; 89v).John Somers (b. 1651, d. 1716), Baron Somers, lawyer and politician: inscribed 'John Somers' (f. 76v).Sir Hans Sloane (b. 1660, d. 1753), baronet, physician and collector. Purchased as part of the Sloane

Miniature of John the Baptist with an angel, decorated initial 'D'(omine) and foliate borders including hybrid and human figures, at the beginning of the Hours of John the Baptist. 7 full-page miniatures with large initials (3 lines) in blue on

16th century: inscribed several times with his name (ff. 34v, 59, 63, 81v, etc.).Listing of names, 16th century: 'John Hemys(?), John hill(?), John tomson(?), Robard Ward(?)' (f. 82).John McCarthy(?), 16th century: inscribed his name (f. 72v).Added tabula (f. 1) signed

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