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appended, "quod Thomas Rytte," is probably only that of a scribe. In Sloaue 5, f. 18, is another translation by John Lelamour. The herbals in English printed by R. Wyer (undated) under the name Macer are a different work .

MS. known (Day, p. x). Beg. "Hayle bote of bale blissed qwene." f. 4 b. 3 3. Hymn to St. John the Baptist, in alliterative rhymed verse : ten 11-line stanzas, consisting of 8 long lines rhyming abababab, followed by

prose Life of St. Cuthbert (Migne, Palr. Lat. xciv. 733). f.2 b; (2) (2) Letter of Bede to the priest John, beg. "Domino in domino dominorum dilectissimo…Dici non potest dilectissime," i.e. the letter accompanying the metrical Life of S. Cuthbert

moral treatises, poems, etc., in Latin and English, viz.:— Paper and vellum; ff. 228. xvth cent. With book-plate of Rev. John Fuller Russell; and formerly belonging to Richard Heber (Sale, 1836, lot 821). The following names (17th-18th cent.) also are

of St. Dominio has the usual misleading reference (f. 95) to the French translator Jean de Vignay, "for I ffryour John of Renyngnayo translatour of this boke wolle no more put here," etc. (cf. Stowe MS. 51, f. 18 b,

no. iii of the collection: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) MISCELLANEOUS volume, largely in the hand of John Streech, canon of the Augustinian Priory of Kenilworth (ef. Add. MS. 35295, which was written about 1422). Lat Contents

On f. 1 is a note dated St. Gregory's even, York, from Henry Meggeson to "Mr. Savill" [ ? Sir John Savile, d. 1607] on sending him the book. 12th cent. marks of ownership "Liber sancte Trinitatis de Kir[k]haam" (f.

blissed Trinite … I intende to transpose for myne owne lernynge a trettesse from Latyn into Englysch complied bi dan John Rusbroke"; and text, "Who so euer will lyffe in the moste perfytt state." Ends "and euer to praye for

the Paston family of Paston, co. Norf.; 1440-1489. The present MSS. comprise the letters published, with some omissions, by Sir John Fenn in vols, i and ii of his Original Letters written during the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV

of the Godhead; in prose. Imperfect. f.163. 41 41. The Abbey of the Holy Ghost, often, but erroneously, ascribed to John Alcock, Bishop of Ely; in prose. Imperfect at the beginning, f. 165. 42 42. "A good tretis that men

of the French paraphrase by Laurence Premierfait of Bocacios's work De casibus Virorum et Feminarum illustrium by John Lydgate. ff.4-187. Printed by John Wayland, fol. London, No date. 4 4. A prophecy of events in English History, relating to the

A 2464 British Library, London 67 images. Date(s) XV Century Author(s) [Philip of Paris, Johannes Hispalensis, John Lydgate] Collection(s) Part One: Medieval Manuscripts from the Sloane and Additional Manuscripts, Section A Manuscript Number 2464 Source Library British Library, London Description

ix-x10, with signatures. The following names occur: Thomas Musgrave (f.4), Nicholas Berbour (f.68b, and f.111b) Edward Burbecke, Jane Lawson and John Empson. Presented by Dr Charles Morton, 15 Mar. 1757. "Uryne browne with a blake rynge is signe of dethe."

whom, 17 Aug. [1801?], fromG[eorge] Ellis is inserted at the beginning (f. ii). A later owner was Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, Bart., of Dogmersfield, co. Sontht. (sale-cat.1907, lot 186; bookplate of Dogmerslield Library inside cover). "God for hys grace

Westminster School, perhaps, or the house at Chiswick) that is not mentioned in the articles between Dr. A Busby and John Angier." f.12. 4 4. Fragment of an Essay on Ambition by W. B. f.14. 5 5. Proceedings at a

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