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of the French paraphrase by Laurence Premierfait of Bocacios's work De casibus Virorum et Feminarum illustrium by John Lydgate. ff.4-187. Printed by John Wayland, fol. London, No date. 4 4. A prophecy of events in English History, relating to the

A 2464 British Library, London 67 images. Date(s) XV Century Author(s) [Philip of Paris, Johannes Hispalensis, John Lydgate] Collection(s) Part One: Medieval Manuscripts from the Sloane and Additional Manuscripts, Section A Manuscript Number 2464 Source Library British Library, London Description

ix-x10, with signatures. The following names occur: Thomas Musgrave (f.4), Nicholas Berbour (f.68b, and f.111b) Edward Burbecke, Jane Lawson and John Empson. Presented by Dr Charles Morton, 15 Mar. 1757. "Uryne browne with a blake rynge is signe of dethe."

whom, 17 Aug. [1801?], fromG[eorge] Ellis is inserted at the beginning (f. ii). A later owner was Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, Bart., of Dogmersfield, co. Sontht. (sale-cat.1907, lot 186; bookplate of Dogmerslield Library inside cover). "God for hys grace

Westminster School, perhaps, or the house at Chiswick) that is not mentioned in the articles between Dr. A Busby and John Angier." f.12. 4 4. Fragment of an Essay on Ambition by W. B. f.14. 5 5. Proceedings at a

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