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sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Pakeman, John Ernesby, John Broun of Leycestershire and John Whytyng of Norhamptonshire, in favour of Simon Scaldeford chaplain and John de Kirkeby vicar of Roteby, at suit of Maud

John Southwode, Robert Saresson, John Hardgrave, John Meryweder, John Harlynge, John Wryght, Richard Barkere, John Webster, John Prentys, Hugh Scut, Thomas Curteys, John Northfolke, John Rery, John Berton, Thomas Brekles, Thomas Freresbaxster, Henry Disse, Henry Purchas 'barkere,' John Faireheved,

John Kyrkeby 'dyer,' Richard Walesby and William Toller of London to set free John Shelforde 'Walssheman,' if taken at suit of John Gace and Joan his wife against the said John Shelforde, John his brother and Richard 'brother of

in favour of John Mapelysden of London 'goldsmyth' at suit of Ralph Ryed citizen of London, Parnell his wife, Roger White, Thomas White, John Bryan the younger, Richard Rede, John Sheldewyche, John Staundoun, John Walter and John Clerke for trespass.

Kent. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Robert Hawe, John Slapton, John Hawe and John Derby, in favour of John and William Ecarde. April 24. Westminster. John Wonford of Somerset to William Louedene chaplain, Richard Ewyas and Robert

constable of the Tower of London or his lieutenant. Order to set free Richard Stanape, Thomas Chaworth, John Zouche, John de Leeke, Robert Leche, John Cokayne knights and John Fynderne, all imprisoned in the Tower by command of the king.

Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of William Hanwelle 'grocer,' John Henxworth 'peutrer,' John Denys 'joweler' and John Power 'peutrer,' all of London, to set free John Hawys, if taken at suit of the prior of Kenylworth for

Taillour, George Bryan, John Elmedon, John Preston, Richard Stonehard, John Colman, John Wygge. Dated Birchangre, 30 April, 2 Henry VII. Florence Boukes, John Jardevyle, William Crowe and John Sturdy of Storteford and Robert Crabbe of Birchangre, to John, Joan and

IV 1404 1404 1404 John Walden esquire and John Leventhorp esquire. Indenture witnessing that John Leventhorp has delivered 40 l . to the safe keeping of John Walden, upon condition that before St. John Baptist next John Walden shall cause

by imprisonment and otherwise to justify John atte Yate, John Wariner, both of Chepyng Wardoun, Robert Brewode, John Roche, John Waryner, Thomas Draper of Byfelde, Robert Brewode, John Waryner, Thomas Tybles, John Balcok, John Brackeley smith, William Heyward 'waryner,' Thomas

Kent. Writ of supersedeas in favour of John Nasshe the elder, John Nasshe the younger and John Mountfort, and order by mainprise of John Broun 'sadeler,' John Dene 'copersmyth,' William Herry 'masoun,' John Nasshe 'spicer' and William Tadcastre 'bokelermaker,' all

VI 1423 1423 Richard Reede of Oxeburgh co. Norffolk to John Juyn, Robert Hille of Spaxton, John Stourton the elder, Thomas Shelforde clerk, John Knyght, John Stortwayth, John Reynold and John Codforde clerks. Quitclaim of the manor of Loxton co.

Westminster. Theobald Trussell knight of Norhamptonshire, John de Rocheford knight, Ralph de Welwyk, James de Herford, John Burdet, Ralph de Skypwyth, William de Haghe, John de Cotom of Lincolnshire, John Hilierd, John de Veer, John de Sadyngton and James de

by mainprise of William Godefelawe 'brewer,' John Frenssh 'fysshmonger,' John Gylot 'vynter' and John Sordyche 'fletcher,' all of London, in favour of Ralph Reve, Thomas Reve chaplains, John Hauberke clerk, John Whyte and John Prat chaplains at suit of Thomas

sometime of John Fitz John of Upper Rekynghale esquire, which the said bishop, John duke of Bedford, John Berdewell, Thomas Hethe esquires and Hugh Wyrlyngton clerk had by feoffment of John Fitz John of Rekynghale now deceased, and John Berdewell,

year by John Austyn, John Dymmok, William Talbot, Reynold Pole and John Holthorp for John Creke, and of an undertaking by him under the same pain, that he should do or procure no hurt or harm to John Colman of

to sail, to arrest Reynold Cobham, John Lyneforde, William Swonangre, John Wilkoke, John Perlous, William Armourer, John Bampton, John Prescote, John Halle, Robert Secheforde, John Dene, Robert Badby, Richard Bretford, John Richemonde, Thomas Sley, John Walsshe, William Burton, Robert Caudre,

citizen and mercer of London and alderman of 'Crepulgate' ward, John Norton esquire, John Cotismore serjeant at law, Hugh Holcote, William Costantyn 'latoner,' John Halyngberye 'foundour,' John Fermysworth 'foundour' and John Walker 'staynour' of London, their executors and assigns. Gift

John de Denton, William Castelford, Henry Filche chaplain, Nicholas Stansfeld, William de Mercheden the younger, Henry Nelot, John Graunt, John son of William de Castelford and John Thomson of Sandale at suit of John de Kent, Adam Roberd and

the sheriff of York. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Kent of Wakefeld, John Robert, John Thornlay, and John de Glatton, in favour of John Tirsalle and John Kendall at suit of William Gairgrave averring threats; and order

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