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plumer n. From plum(e n. A dealer in plumes or feathers. (1282) Let.Bk.Lond.A Gldh LetBk A 46 [John de Cestrehunte], plumer..[John de Cestrehunte], Fethermongere.

administror n. From administren . One who manages the estate of a deceased person. (1464) Paston 4.115 John Paston, or any other executor, administror, or feffe of the seid Sir John Fastolf.

galocher n. OF galochier A maker or seller of galoches . (1306) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.181 John le Galocher.

mauncher n. ?From maunche . ?A maker of sleeves. (1305) Court R.Lond. 174 [John de Ware] mauncher.

baptistre n. OF (John) the Baptist. c1225 Wor.Bod.Gloss. Jun 121 25 (Iohannes): baptistre.

bulger n. Cp. bulge bag. A maker of leather bags. (1300) in Fransson Surn. 127 John Bulgere.

amelour n. Also amailler , aumailler . AF Enameler. (1311) Let.Bk.Lond.B Gldh LetBk B 32 [John] le Aumayller [goldsmith]. (1311) Let.Bk.Lond.B Gldh LetBk B 39 [John] le Amailler. (1344) in Fransson Surn. 139 Sim.le Amelour.

ger. Desecration. (1447-8) Shillingford 130 The seide John Hulle tyme of the pollutyng surmetted was Maier.. (1447-8) Shillingford 131 As for the violent shedyng of blode and pollutyng of the Churche of one John Pawton, they seyn that therto they

(one claimant in a dispute). (1448) Shillingford 53 Men defauteth ryght by his comaundement the jugement by twene John Husset versus John Notte. (1451) Paston 2.75 I send yow þe scire facias for Osbern and Foke versus Heydon and Wyndam.

garing ger. Cp. geren v. Making. (1458) Doc. in Rec.B.Nottingham 2 366 Peid John Cowpar for garyng of iij mals and nels, vj d.

crofter n. From croft . A tenant who holds a small field, or croft. (1285) in Fransson Surn. 196 John le Crofter.

BBOAJ 8 71 The Accomptes of Thomas Bons and John Chapman, Iconomi of the Chirche of Tame. (1465) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 13 52 The accomptes of John Kyng and John Benet, junr., Proctours or Yconomi of the prebendal Chirche

(b) as surname. (1418-19) Let.Bk.Lond.I Gldh LetBk I 212 [John Bartelot], netter. a1425 Medulla Stnh A.1.10 37b/b Liniarius: a nettare. (1253) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 1.63 John le Netiare. (1298) in Fransson Surn. 87 John le Nettere. (1332) in Fransson Surn. 87 Osbertus

. Prob. from registrer(e n. A record keeper, recorder. (a1443) Pet.Chanc.PRO ser.CP 1 file 12 no.195 John Twynyng..procured one John Baroun, late register to John, late bysshop of landaff, and ordinary of the seid Prioury, to forge an vntrue register.

dull-witted; (b) as surname. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 458 Slabbarde [Win: Slabbard]: Morosus, tardus. (1289) Leet R.Norwich in Seld.Soc.5 33 Johannes Slabbard. (c1311) Rec.Norwich 1 379 John Slabbard. (1317) Close R.Edw.II 463 John Slabbard. (1320) Close R.Edw.II 222 John Slabard.

(1472-3) RParl. 6.35a Of olde malice and envye that oon Thomas Clemens had ayenst John Glyn, for the said Office of Understewardshipp oon John Harry Thomas Flete and other riottous persones made a grete assaute uppon the said John Glyn.

wọde-ward n. = wode-wardshipe n. (1347) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 1.121 [Order to Master John de Kermont, the prince's clerk and chamberlain of North Wales, to lease for two years to John de Eccleshale, burgess of Caernervon, the bailiwicks of] raglotie, ryngildie [and]

(1439) RParl. 5.22a John Carpentere and John Bugebroke have made a yow owre Soveraigne Lord, therof to be repayed atte Fest of Seynt Martyn next comyng. (1448) Doc. in Sundby Dial.Wor. Eg Charter 608 255 John shal repay vnto

to the..said John Paston mlmlmlml marc. by reason of the bargayne allegged to be made bitwene the said John Fastolf and the said John Paston, squyer. The said reuerent fader also relesseth, dischargeth, and the said John Paston..the fundacion

legally permissable number of animals on a given piece of land. c1460 Oseney Reg. 81/26 Bytwene John of Hanborowgh and William of Seynte Eweyne..and John Abbot and Couent of Oseney..was i-meved a controuersye..vppon ouerchargyng of pasture in þe same towne.

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