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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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and tenementes of John Cotesmore, son and heyre of John Cotesmore, duryng the nounage of the seid John Cotes |more on the oon party, and Olyver Whitonstall and Margaret , his wyff, late the wyff of John Cotesmore, the fader

, Sir William Stokker, William Heriot , John Stokker and John Pake entered into a bond for the payment of £400 by Sir William Stokker of that sum to the use of John , Katherine , Joan and Anne ,

at that tyme the seid persons, that is to wete John Gune, John Cleveff and other, schuld take theefly xxvj. s. viij. d. of the godis of the seid John Peperell , vj spones of silver of the godis of

[196. ] Reference to no. 188. A CHARTER agaynste John of Pratell of A commune, i-ȝefe In þe ȝere of þe Reyne of þ e Kyng Henry þe soone of Kynge John [lii ] , above In þe titull of

for John Rowse , apon þat he was ynfefyet yn treste to follfyll my fader ys wyll, and John Leghe and Water Torryng, þe weche John Leghe and Water Torryng be þe partyd of þis worll, and so John Rowse

42. JOHN DYMMOK TO [? ] 1420 This letter, which is much injured, and very difficult to decipher, is written by a bailiff at Ermington , and is apparently addressed to an officer (probably John Warefeld) of Thomas Stonor in

JOHN HAMME TO [ THOMAS STONOR ] [ c. 1425 ] There is no indication of date in this letter, nor is the name of the person to whom it was written given. But the writer is probably the

his bowe. Thomas Staunton , John Holme , hole harnes and both abull to do þe knyg servis with bill. John Tanner an harnes, and abull to do the kyng servis with a bill. John Pallyng an harnes and not

to John Hillyour, John Saundre, William Screch, and Thomas Horne , jointly and severally to tak and arrest the seid John accordyng to the content of the seid Wryte: bi vertue of which Warraunte the seid John , John ,

David Breknok, son of John Breknok, appointing Thomas Wode to receive in their name from John Breknok, seisin of all the lands, tenements, rents, reversions and services in Hadnam , Bucks , called Pennys, which John Breknok lately had by

his will (dated 28 June , 1474 , proved 8 April , 1477 ) John Barantyne directed that his sons, John the elder, Austyn , and John the younger, and his daughter Anne , should " be ruled and guyded

315. SIR WILLIAM STONOR TO JOHN ABREY 23 MAY , 1482 John Abrey was farmer of the parsonage of Pyrton for Sir William Stonor in 1482 , see p. 169 below. From A.C. , xlvi, 129. Abrey , I pray

174. JOHN RYTTE AND JOHN CRICHE TO WILLIAM STONOR [? 2 NOV. 1476 ] Since Stonor is a squire the year cannot be later than 1477 ; but if, as seems probable, " Master Fouler , " means Richard Fowler

Library for evermore " . John Berell, " apotecary, " was one of his executors. The will was proved on 8 June , 1482 . John Berell, grocer, occurs in 1473 and 1487 , and John Berell, junior, apothecary, in

last past: William Champernone of Modbury , Squier , William June of the same, Squier , John Shynnor, late of [Mod ] bury, clerk, John Frank of Modbury , yeman, & c. ( The rest of the names are the

201. JOHN , ABBOT OF ABINGDON TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [ 1478 ] Since Stonor is a knight the date cannot be earlier than the spring of 1478 . The reference to the French expedition of 1475 makes it unlikely

292. JOHN YAXLEE TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [? 8 JULY , 1481 ] This was probably written after the death of William Harleston on 4 Nov. , 1480 (see note on No. 260). So 1481 is possible, but it may

Strange . There are many letters of his in the Plumpton Correspondence . The Lord of St John ' s is Sir John Weston . From A.C. , xliv, 73. Right honorable and synguler good maister, the most humble and

92. JOHN CROOCKER TO THOMAS STONOR 18 OCTOBER , [ 1468 ] In Michaelmas Term , 1467 , a writ was issued to the Sheriff of Devon to bring up William Saunder , Hugh Helyer , John Roberd and William

193. SIR WILLIAM STONOR TO JOHN BOUNDY [ after 1477 ] John Boundy was " rente gadirer of Hembury " in 1465 , and as late as 1478 —see vol. ii, pp. 167, 170, below. From A.C. , xlvi, 131.

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