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s ir John of henaude broght with hym phelip his bro ther doghter that was erle of henaude and his nece in-to englond and kyng Edward spowsed her att yorke with mekle hono ur And s ir John of hothom

n by there p re sents l et re3 vs John Priour and the chapiter of the Cathedrall kirke of Durh a m with the consennt and the assennt of John p ri oure of Coldingh a me till haff

n Dumlyn Mason n Alex Jesson n wylkyn of herto we haue set oure seellus jn p re sence of john of Dauenport Perkyn of wylbrame willrest of the line and Jynkyn Spenser Mayre of Congulton al-so two words berus

J had of y e gyft and feffment of Rob er t Taillio ur lyand by-twyx a+p ra pr of John of hoton apon y e North+parti and a p ra pr of Thom Alanson apon the Southparti to haue

Marce . 13 lines fol. 102v8 lines whe charge yow and co m mand3 yat yhe delyuer to our welbelouyd John Trolhopp esquyer vj . fother of Rysse . and to Hen of Euenwod ij . trees of ake for

kyrk . of halsall henr halsall henr Atherton Thom a s lathum . henr Byron Ewan Standissh . hugh Agton John Atherton & Thom a s Fox . oon Rog er Naden at y t tyme ther beyng of his

reman aft er the forme of the olde taile the whech wos made be Will a m of Fafyngton to John his sone and to the heires maile of his body lefully getten and so furth as the saide taile

sall chew 3ow be mowthe of my behalwe right wirchipfull lord ye blisitt trenyte hafe 3ow in his haly kepi n g body & sawle writtyn att etayle ye wednysday ye vj day of aprill 3owre awne seruand John Maners

d e m that herr horn of lirtyngto n somtym s er u a nt to [s er ] John Eppylby late p ar son of Ru m bald-kyrke rcord es & witness es & says that s er will

Power of attorney Till all yas yat yir p re sentes l et res sall see or here . John de Neuyll Lord latymer and of Danby sendys gretynge in god . Knawe 3e me enterly desirand y e gude

forsaid Edmond vnto þe p ar ties of þis indenture . tripartid hase sett to my seale These wyttenes . John of Etton Richard Pykeryng knyght3 laurens Saxby Walter smudge, lalme: calverley Thomas Willesthorp and odyr . Made þe .

er -of . xl li to fynd hym at london in co ur t Jt em J woll y t John of Burgh my son haue y er -of xl Mark . Jt e m J woll y t Richard

cyon of All my gudys w t y e helpe & y e Cou n sell of william Nyandser & John willson yf it lyke hyr . Ande yf oght come to me bot gude . J will y t

es os [my] trust is in yow wryttyn At fre fernam on thursday [aft er ] sant bartelmew day No mor at thys tym j bot jh es u kep yow wryty n in hast By yowr frend John popelay

hanget & as mony of thy maistre men as may be goten as yo ur s er u a nt John Abbot kan report vnto yo ur gode lordship & hath taken him away with him to Tatessall what to

þat aftirwarde schulde flee ouir the see for drede of Dragoun withoute comynge a3en And that was prouede bi sire John n Baillol that kyng Edwarde made forto ben kyng of Scotland . that falsliche aros [a3e n s] hym

and performed befor the fest of the Natiuit of oure laydy Saynt Mary next comyng and the seid Edmund Fit3william John addwheteley/addon erasure parson of the Chirch of plum ptre Thomas Fit3william p er son of the Cherch of Sprotburgh

sett yar seles ayyir tyll oy er befor wytnes y t es to say Maist er willa a m Jakes John n Bost s ir Rob er t Thomson prest & oy er y e date at Penreth ye sonday

said of yowe att all tyme3 as yhe knawe and yhe will consider wele in your moor-ouer wheer yhe pay John lounde l et re and the p ri o ur vex yowe / with the grace of gode and

x . oxyn yat ye cauell had fallen other was then hit did for hit legh so negh his tenauntes John atkynson sworne & examynt says he was . xvj yere old at ye forme deth and acordes in all

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