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The said Richard, John de Alkebarewe and John de Wyke to Simon de Radeclif citizen and skinner of London. Recognisance for 36 l . to be levied etc. as above. The said Richard, John and John to John Holand citizen

Tower of London, and to his lieutenant. Order by mainprise of John Hadle, John Boseham, John Eyston, Robert Daue, John Loneye and Henry Stacy citizens of London to suffer John Fresche, whom the king lately ordered the constable to keep

Reve, William Dalby knight, John Wastelle, John Fairestede, John Coupere, John Jacob 'smyth,' William Fuller of the parish of Allhallows Maldoun, John Fetheryche, John Waskeyn, Peter Bundoke, John Clerke 'taillour,' William Martyn, Thomas Hyerde 'bocher,' John Boun 'souter,' William Burgh,

benefices which John Wyndesore, Thomas Holhirst, John Duket and Thomas Afftenthwayt had by gift of the said David in the said county, and which came to the king's hands by the said earl's forfeiture, that the said John Stevenes and

mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of William Hody of Devon, Ellis Wheteley of London, John Martyn 'cordewaner' and William Squyer 'shether,' both of London, in favour of John Waleys in regard to Adam Fraunceys knight, John Pyke and John Chyrche.

Bower 'sadeler,' Robert Asshe 'lymnour,' John Wygaun 'glover' and John Coventre 'glover' of London, in favour of William Dryffelde 'taillour,' Robert Thomekynsone 'taillour,' William Nesham 'taillour' and Isabel Brereley of London at suit of John Freston and Joan his wife.

do or procure no hurt or harm to John Stebenhythe. Memorandum of a like mainprise, mutatis mutandis , under a pain of 100 marks, made 10 February by John Somery esquire, John Kent, Richard Tyler, both of Suthwerke, and Philip

l ., made in chancery 18 November this year by William Frysell, John Goldyngton the younger, Robert Lary parson of Reliegh and John Elnestowe of Bedfordshire for John Goldyngton the elder, Henry Goldsmyth of Eton co. Bedford and Walter Clerke

to John Gairgrave and Lawrence Parker. Recognisance for 100 l ., to be levied etc. in Yorkshire. 1 Condition, that the said Thomas shall abide the award of John Pygot and the said Roger chosen on his behalf, John Twhates

de Baa. Witnesses: John Josep, John Ters, Thomas Saundres, all of Toucestre, William Dille of Caldecote, Nicholas Godeman. Dated 12 November 8 Richard II. John fitz Richard ( as above ) to Robert de Melton and John Rome ( as

Waldene Roger de Caumpes John Blaunche John Pecche Henry atte Roche John Russel Colmanstrete . 6. John de Hatfeld John Deynes Henry de Ware John de Berkynge Richard de Shordiche William atte Welde Bassieshawe . 6. John de Dallynge Roger

wife of John Aubrey, for the said Maud's life with reversion to John Fyfhyde and the others by reason of a feoffment made by John Aubrey to them and to John Philyppot, William Halden, John Middilton, Robert Warbelton, John Ussher

). Witnesses: John Golafre, John Shotesbroke esquires, John Stowe, Thomas Frankeleyn, Gilbert atte Wyke. Dated London, 14 February 12 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings by John Mollesley, 16 February. Robert son and heir of John Poghull

John Fremonde of Warwickshire, by what names soever called, at suit of John Ditton of Upton for debt. Sept. 24. Westminster. To the sheriff of Bedford. Writ of supersedeas in favour of John Pykot, and order by mainprise of

mainprise of John Vyncent, Thomas Corpsoun 'skynner,' Thomas Yonge 'wever' and John Fawen 'mercer,' all of London, in favour of Thomas Lydyarde at suit of John Lincoln, Henry Harburgh, Robert Pobelowe and John Wylton clerks, executors of John Maydenhithe clerk,

sometime of John Frenssh his grandfather, which descended to the grantor by inheritance after the death of his said mother; John Couper being mayor of Cicestre. Witnesses: John Grogan, John Drewe, Thomas Bisshop, Richard Brasier, Thomas Brasier, John Hardeman, William

Swanton, John Brokeman, John Crekyng, John Roche, Thomas Holt, John Pellican. Dated Bradegare, Sunday before St. George 3 Richard II. Also witnesses: John Spence, Adam Dobour, John Heanekere, John Epseden, Ellis Epseden, Bartholomew Robyn, John Sewalle, John Smyth, John Olle,

Essex. Witnesses: John Maldoun, Edmund de Dounne, Thomas Wrenche, John Hamound, John Hokyn. Dated St. Michaels church Wodeham Wauter, 14 Richard II. Walter lord Fitz Wauter and lord of Wodeham to Alexander de Walden knight, Ralph de Henham, John Tannere

to Nicholas two thirds; to John seven bondage tenements and a half ( sic ), namely those sometime of John Broke, of 'Margaretesdame,' John Lauurence, John Tolle, John Hodi, Henry Serjant, John Melere, and John Salman and a third part

Andrewe, John Gryvelle esquires, William Alesander, John Langley, John Hamme and John Rede, and they by gift of the said Elizabeth then in her widowhood, Geoffrey Bedelle and William Andrewe clerks. Witnesses: William lord Lovell, William Lyle knight, John Golofre,

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