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property. (1447) Doc.Durham in Sur.Soc.9 p.cccxiii The said John Rallyn, & William sall wirke the said myne be the sight of certeyn vewers assigned be the said Priour Alsa the said John Rallyn, and William sall, of thare awen costages

welefulli adv. Also welefuli , willefulli . From weleful adj. Prosperously, fortunately, favorably. a1425(c1395) WBible(2) Roy 1.C.8 3 John 2 Y make preyer that thou entre, and fare welefuly, as thi soule doith welefuli [WB(1) vr. willefulli; L prospere].

Wyclivianus , ult. from surname Wyclyf or Wycliff . A disseminator of the doctrines of John Wyclif, a Wycliffite or Lollard. a1450(?1419-20) Topias Dgb 41 93/661 He is callid an heretike þat heresies sowith, As Arrians, Wyclyfanes, Sabellyanes, and other.

bontere n. Also buntere . A sifter or bolter. (1305) Pat.R.Edw.I 333 John Buntere. (a1307) Hundred R. in Archaeol.Cant.6 188 Philippus Buntere. c1400 Femina Trin-C B.14.40 31 By þe buntere ys deceueret þe flour and bran.

breidere n. From breiden . One who makes nets or cords. (1255) Close R.Hen.III 175 Gilbertus le Breyder. (1324) in Fransson Surn. 86 John le Brayder. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 354 Neet breydare: Reciarius.

brọmer n. Cp. brọm . ?A maker or seller of brooms, ?one who lives in a place overgrown with broom. (1285) Pat.R.Edw.I 199 Nicholas le Bromere. (1327) in Fransson Surn. 195 Rob. Bromere. (1466) in Fransson Surn. 195 John Bromer.

chauncel . The screen between the chancel and nave of a church; dor . (a1472) Acc.Bodmin in Camd.n.s.14 12 The jambys of the chanseler dor. (a1472) Acc.Bodmin in Camd.n.s.14 13 The peloris Betwene the chanseler and seynt John is Ilde.

coiter n. (a) One who plays at quoits; (b) as surname. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 86 Coyter or caster of a coyte: Petreludus. (1293) Pat.R.Edw.I 7 John le Coytere. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 144 Joh. le Coiter.

order of knights (as of the Knights of St. John) administered by an officer of the order. (c1447) Let.Midylton in Lin.NQ 16 197 The chaunsell off Golsby and off the cheffe place off the comaundry off Maltby. (c1447) Let.Midylton in

Fellow proctor (of a church). (1447) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 11 55 An Inventory of all the bookes, vestimentes & other thinges belongyng to the Chyrche & Paryshe of Thame, made by John Manytorn & Thomas Buns & others, coproctours.

grown; -- in place names and surnames. (1207) Fine R.King John 449 Russel de Flexland. (1235-52) Cust.Rent in OSSLH 2 42 Flexlonde. (1297-8) Doc.Manor in MP 34 41 Flaxlondhyl. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 164 Johe Flexlond. (1332) Sub.R.Sus. in

a1500 Conq.Irel. Rwl B.490 11 Party per pale gules & ermyn a saltyer contrechaunged. (c1460) Bk.Arms in Anc.9 Hrl 2169 174 John Wyld beryth sabyll a cheveron ermyne iij wylkys of sylvyr. John Hemyngbourgh beryth ermyn a cheveron counterbataylyd goulys.

a basyn. (1462-4) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 10 87 Itm., of ye testemente of ye same John, i pelve, i candelabra solde to John Dawnse for ye sum of iiij s. iiij d. -?-(1431) Will in Som.RS 16 136 [Two]

198/7 Actes in the prebendall church of Buckeden. (1465) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 13 52 The accomptes of John Kyng and John Benet, junr., Proctours or Yconomi of the prebendal Chirche of Thame. a1475 Godstow Reg. Rwl B.408 587/21 Ser

To adjudge or decree (sth.). (1440) Doc. in Morsbach Origurk. 24 John Thw[a]ytes and Robert is agreyd, ordinncez [read: ordinauncez] and awardez, be assent of ye parties beforsayd, and as it apperis be jndentures by the sayd parties, the sayd

or manor; ?also, as place name. (1338) Doc.Bridg.Corp. in Som.RS 57 30 [Survey of the lands of John Steyning..Item: by] Outewode [12 ac.]. (1458) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 218 Lego facturae angeportae ducentis a villa de Wakefeld ad les outewode,

a greet Perle..taken of the Stuf of oure Jewelhows. (1448) Proc.Privy C. 6.326 Warrant direct to John delivere..a cuppe of silver and John be taken of þe stuffe in youre jewell hous. c1450 Lond.Chron.Hatfield Hatfield 281 515

said yeres lvij li., with-oute her harmes of strepe and waste. (1434) Doc. in Morsbach Origurk. 16 Þe seyde john and john to kepe þe shettis, withoute stripe or wast, be þe terme foreseyd. c1436 Ipswich Domesday(2) Add 25011 131

prelates. c1460 Oseney Reg. 152/22 Þe saide John the vestiture [L vestituram] (or grasse) of þe same telthe may gadur & haue. c1460 Oseney Reg. 156/17 Þe saide Abbot suffrid þat þe saide John þe vestiture of þe saide Inhoke

oure chanceller of Englande do make oure letters of salveconducte for Guillaume de Chauvin and John de Quelever, chaunceller and admirall of Breteigne Maister John de Ronville, vice-chaunceller, [etc.]. ?a1475(?a1425) Higd.(2) Hrl 2261 7.297 This bischop induede the prior of

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