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d.; also to paye fore his hosyn at Rysburgh xvij. d.; Item to make his botes viij. d.; Item to John James for mend|yng of his doubelett j d. ob.; to bye wyth arowe hedes ij. d.; for drink|yng money

lawsuit with John Barantyne as to the manors of Chalgrove and Haseley , of which he was feoffee under the will of Barantyne ' s father; this was between 1467 and 1472 ; during the same time John Parys was

in the Jhesu off London , John Lolyngton mayster under God , Summa ij m iiij C. xlviij Cottes felles. Forder more your mayster schalle understonde that I sende dow[n ] e by John Talbose, your sarvaynte: Itm. your demy

is not likely to be later, since John , Lord Strange of Knockin , died on 16 October , 1479 (Inquisition ap. Black Books of Lincoln ' s Inn , iv, 275). John Strange must be meant, for his daughter

date is probably early in 1482. This letter appears to be later than No. 309 and earlier than No. 321. John Barantyne, who married Stonor ' s sister Mary (see No. 294), was returned as 14 years of age and

314. JOHN PAYNE TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR 15 MAY [ 1482 ] This was clearly written in the same year as No. 305, and may safely be assigned to 1482 . From A.C. , xlvi, 195. Right worshipfull Syr, and

to do with the inheritance of Stonor ' s third wife, Anne Neville , eldest daughter of John , Marquis of Montagu , who was killed at Barnet in 1471 . Probably the occasion was the death of her brother

of sevewell, of þe yifte of John Gray , Bysshop of Norwych, and Graunte of Henry doylly, as hit is opyn by the charters vndurwrite. [269. ] About 1210 . Grant to bisho p John Grey , by Henry Doyly

sister Mary , whose hus|band John Barantyne was under age (see No. 294). Elizabeth Stonor , the third sister, was apparently unmarried. John Barantyne ' s mother Elizabeth had married as her second husband Sir John Boteler , who died

more tywe and Stephan of pratell and John þenne seruaunte of þe person of þe same of þe oþer [parte ] , that is to say, whenne þe saide John , stephen, and John , had i-sowe and In-hoke had

Alban ' s 1166 -88 . lincoln or of Exceter and John ' of Lincoln or ' is inserted by the translator and ' I. ' EXPANed to John , without warrant of the Latin. The names are Bartholomew ,

And John of Chelleworth and other come not: And þe ffore|saide John of Chelleworth whas i-tachid By John atehulle and Adam at Gate ; And þ e foresaide John , vicaresman, whas i-tachid By adam atte Gate and John attehull;

hit. These witnesses. [111. ] A charter of John ffiȝt John philippe of vj. acris of Arable londe and of oþer thynges. About 1280 . Grant to Oseney, by John son of John son of Philip of Cotes , of

marriage of his said son is to be sold by Chaucer , his wife Alice , his brother John Hampden , and John Warfeld. The proceeds are to be applied for the marriages of his daughters, Elizabeth , Maud ,

subject of this letter was clearly the marriage of Thomas Stonor ' s ward, John Cottesmore , to one of his daughters—probably Joan —see Nos. 128 and 136. I cannot explain why Harcourt addresses Stonor as " my ffadyr "

Yarnton . TO all cristen men to þe which this present writyng shall come, ffrere JohnJohn de Reading , abbot 1229 -35 , or John Leech , abbot 1235 -49 . , By þe mercy of god Abbot of

1471 ? ] This letter from a servant of John de la Pole , Duke of Suffolk , was clearly written after the birth of the Duke ' s eldest son, John , who was probably born in 1464 ,

than No. 123, and to detail the " menes " which Mull had " compassid in his mynde " . John Forde was farmer at Horton , see No. 101. From A.C. , xlvi, 63. Right worshipfull Brother, I recomaund

146. JOHN MATHEWE ' S ACCOUNT DEC., 1474 — MAY , 1475 These accounts are written in the same hand on three long slips of paper. The receipts, which begin the first slip, are given in full; of the expenses

truly I had not so besy a weke sith I cam hedyr, exepte oone day, which sir William , and John Mathewe both can enfourme you parte þerof. And Syr, as towchyng my childeryn I hertly thanke you that hit

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