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sayde p ar tyes þ t thane it sall be refo ur mede be þe avise of hugh Sawelde & John of wrswyke as men indiferent chosen be þe saide p ar tyes alse thay sall fynde in thayre conyng

executours of the First revenu3 of the said maner w t th+appurtinaunc es . that ys for to say that John Gelt the which hath ben her s er u a nt many yer es schall haue the rent es

duryng þ e seid t er me fourty shelynges st er linges atte festes of þ e Natiuite of Seint John Baptist & Seint Michell þ e Archaungell beo euen porco u ns And yit happen þ t þ e

3our lordschip / And J wold p ra y 3ou hertli þ t 3e wold her how þ e fals John Wele serued me / As al men knoyn wel J was vnd ur þ e p ro texion of

oute at kirkmich at ye allowance by thes lyu er et y er yat is to say John m c lucas & John abelson and also when J come home ye Receyuo ur gert me heng ye forsaid flesshe in

chid in þis citee vpon seynt Anne day last passid / at þe whilk place of þe Trinite J frer John Ricall p ro sid in-to þe pulpitt be-for þe worthi clerk þ t was oredeynd to p re che

weryn don in bethanye ouer Jordan . where John was baptisynge // Dirigite via d omi ni vbi p rim us // þes ben þre wordys of þ e gospel þat John spak to þe peple seiynge þus / Make

e syght & by y e . avise of y e Forsayde Thom a s will ia m Curett & John de laport For to be done i n y e moste essy wyse y t may be done &

whanne he was come vn-to yorke þ er e he a-boode and restyd hym And þ er e s er john helond þe Erle of kent is broþ er slow þe erlis sone of Staffarde and his heyre with a

in heuen blis For god shal set hym w t hym right Jn his trone so richeli dight Als seynt John beris witnes Jn þe a-pocolips als wretyn es And for þe toþir god ri3twise Hetis hym þe delitis of

schul 3e knowe þ t crist hath foure eu a n gelist us . Mark . Mathew . luk & John . þ e whyche four writen þ e gospell us þ t ben c ri st us word us

awn haly handwarke to hell wald he gan To sette vs ensample his lawe for to lere Say n te John hy m baptyste in flume Jordane For xxx penys was he sald thurght a fals fer vnto fell fame

t it be domesday W t him he toke Adam & Eue And other y t war to him leue John n ye Baptist Moyses al-swa Abrah a m & other ma y t he had boght w t payns

of Conscience Tranche 1 fol. 29rWhan þe soule from þe body skyppes As saiþ seint John in þe apocalipses He saiþ þe dede be blessed ry3t þat deyeþ in god. ful of my3t Bot alle 3if holy+men may deye wele

by god you shalt not soo . Saide yis other hasardours anone . Thou partest not so lightely by seint John Thou spake ri3t now of thilk traytour deth That in this contrey all our frendeth sleeth haue+here my trouth

L0519 MS reference: Manchester University, John Rylands Library, Eng. MS 50 Text: Prick of Conscience Tranche 1 p. 12There dampned soules eu er shul dwelle . The seuenthe is of þe ioyes i n heuene / Thus is this book

to god kyng almyghti . by that selue blessyng . by the wheche god betok his modur to fol. 90vseynt john n . J betake me N . to god . by that grace of the ho ly goost that

. lxij . yere Fro patmos a fayer Citee & a nygh to the see . And there deied seynt John and was y-buryed bi-hy n nde the auter in a tombe and ther is a fayer chirche For cristen

L5331 MS reference: Manchester University, John Rylands Library, Eng. MS 895 Text: Proceose of the Passion and Gospel of Nicodemus Tranche 1 fol. 26vAlso will of reson and þat obeyed and consented þer-to . as it þs sayd by Jsaye

ku n nandly knaw this ilk sex thinges Thurgh thaim sal ye kun knawe god almighten . wham als saint john sais in his godspel Conandly for to knawe swilk als he is jt is endeles life & lastand blisse

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